Make a Balanced Golf Swing

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Close Mark Crossfield helps another youtube golfer with a free golf instruction lesson on how to improve with better weight shift. Make …


cbh3571 says:

Hey Mark! Thanks so much for the swing analysis! Where I’m practicing is at my work. Im going to practice on loading up on my heels like you said, do you any drills in mind? I still hit good shots but not as consistent as I want to be. This is really going to help me on my long Irons cuz I tend to pull it or large fade. from the flipping of the wrists. I want to thank you again Mark. I will touch base with you in a few days!

wiretaps says:

another nice video Mark. im always watching your videos and trying to improve my game. im ALWAYS slicing my driver, getting a really savage spin on the golf ball. i recorded my swing just for me to look at and it looks all in order, but i mean what do i know?
wouldnt mind getting you to have a look at it.
anyway keep doing your videos, your a big help! 😀

dweston73 says:

Mark, as a newcomer to the game, i find your videos immensely helpful. When i start getting some consistency to my shot, hopefully i can email you a video of my swing for a review. Regardless, love your wokr, Cheers.

cbh3571 says:

Hello Mark,

I wanted give you an update on my progress. I’m striking the ball extremely well but it hasnt been easy, you have to put in hard work. Your attention to detail in ones swing is impeccable. I will be sending you another video soon. Cheers

Thanks again,

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