Luke Donald – slow motion golf swing

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Here is a good slow motion video of Luke Donald. In 2011, he played some very consistent golf and became the #1 player in the world. You can learn a lot by watching his golf swing. Notice how well he swings the club on plane. Swinging the club on plane is a key to hitting the ball solid and maintaining a consistent ball flight. Also, watch how the golf shaft bisects through his right forearm as he swings up and also when he swings down. Not much can go wrong when the club bisects through the forearm on the way back down. Also, notice how he has good hip rotation while the club stays on plane. This is a very nice swing to try to copy.


stayclassy85 says:

Thanks for posting. This will help me a lot.

Hutchy45445 says:

Definately beneficial reviewing this in slow motion. However, a front view would comliment this video, by offering the viewer the oportunity to note ball/ foot and club orientation. Thanks for posting.

tisanosennbazuru says:

【】どなたでもいいので、現金を受け取ってはくれませんか?ここでの書き込みですと削除されてしまう可能性がございますので、お早めに【】からか、またはyoutube内動画検索にて『 わちや 』で検索して頂きますと、最短で30分程でお受け取りになる事ができます。どうぞみなさま、削除される前にお早めのご連絡お待ちしております。

Bernice Leland says:

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Alex Pisano says:

I would say he certainly swings on the right arm plane on the backswing, however on the through swing he is actually on a slightly higher plane. Call it high right arm plane or low shoulder plane.

Regardless he still remains on plane through out the swing with fantastic rotation, but just not the same plane back and through.

deveren addison says:

The proper swing plane for each individual golfer is essential to any golfer playing consistent golf. Dont copy anyones swing/swing plane, find out HOW to find your own. Having the incorrect swing plane for your body is like a builder having a set of “incomplete” blueprints. Things will always end up “off the mark”. Hence why even a Touring Pro will play below his level of play with a swing plane that doesn’t match his body type. Luke Donald nails HIS swing plane every time!

Edris Rensch says:

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CaptainAndrewWiggins says:

any tips on learning how to find one’s own swing plane?

grexagolf19 says:

Yes, but you’ll need a video camera angle. Get a couple of alignment sticks & pick a target. Aim one alignment stick on your foot line and another parallel to your ball flight line. Set the camera looking directly down the alignment stick on your feet. You’ll clearly see where the club head swings. If it’s behind your hands, you are too flat or inside the plane. If it’s in front your hands, you could be too steep. If the club head bypasses by your hands, you’re on a good plane.

CaptainAndrewWiggins says:


velasco andra says:

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