Longer Golf Shots Through Better Posture

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Craig Nichols says:

Mark, have you ever done the drill the opposite way?

maxxsee says:

CHECK OUT Elliot Hulse bioenergetic exercises and his posture fixing stuff.
You can really change your posture with that stuff.

Impulsiveshowman says:

What irons did you get

Andy Gordon says:

Apart from the rigid posture, it looks like his main problem is that he has
no bend, (dorsi flexion?) in his right wrist, which gets the club too open
and makes it impossible to get it square at impact without some
manipulation, Just my two pennyworth.

Chris lam says:

Thanks mark, Appreciate the video mate

Andy Wit says:

Yo marky mark, do you wax your dome on a daily basis? Not bad advice from
someone who is 10 handicap.

Cahnt says:

I guess, however, the correct arm hang and angle between the arms and shaft
that Mark advises should automatically help with the takeaway to some
extent, so Mark chooses to not mention it and give too many things for the
chap to be thinking about?

Andy M says:

Hands close to swing plane works for Steve Stricker!? You do have to change
your club lie angle for this however. I wouldnt change it personally just
investogate single axis tuition.

Mark Crossfield says:
Matt Caldwell says:

Have you changed your irons Mark??

Aidan Lancaster says:

I don’t have the app but i was wondering if you could help me. I have a
half set, Driver, 5 Hybrid, 7 iron, wedge and a putter. (Fazer Jtek) but i
struggle to get hight on the wedge but i can with the 7. Can you help me?

Adam Starkie says:

Back with the MP64s, Mark?

arsenalfanrichi says:

Is it natural to feel like you’re hitting down on the ball when practicing
this? also does that mean you’ll have trouble lofting longer irons/moving
them forward in the stance?

Cahnt says:

Backswing looks okay? Straight away he massively opens the face and takes
the club way inside. Does this not contribute to the subsequent problems
he has (the golf swing as chain reaction, requiring compensations etc)? A
lot of teachers would address this. Mark doesn’t see it as important.
Interesting. Not saying which approach is correct. Though you don’t
really see any tour pros with this sort of takeaway. Must be reasons why.

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