Long Drive Training – Ep. 1

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This is an experiment in long driving that I am undertaking. I’m using a swing radar provided by golfspeed.biz along with a program described by Tom Slagle. …


myswingevolution . says:

I also went to the gym 3 times during the month and did some plyometric
exercises. I also stretched, and bought a lighter driver. I gained 22 mph
in a month.

John Malihi says:

So there are no real benefits of the RED as I do have a good enough tempo,
I thought the RED might have been a newer model. But much appreciated the
tip and help. Cheers mate and good luck with it all.

myswingevolution . says:

I think you need at least 72 hours of recovery between sessions. By the end
I was only doing one day a week of speed training because when I’d do 2
times a week, my second session was always worse than my first of the week.

myswingevolution . says:

My smooth swing is about 260. My hard swing is about 280. If I get a firm
fairway I can get over 300.

myswingevolution . says:

I have only used the blue. I don’t like the idea of having my tempo
dictated by an outside force.

myswingevolution . says:

The swing radar gives you immediate feedback about what makes you faster
and what doesn’t! I can’t believe I have never used one, and never even
seen anyone else using one on the range. Once I got faster with just the
shaft, it was no problem with my driver. I gained about 4 mph just from
altering my technique. Now, I have to keep doing it for a month and see
what happens.

fenderboy34 says:

do u just want more distance? or does hitting it a little shorter put u in
tough spots on the course?

UltimateSwingTrainer says:

You need to try my swing trainer. Ill send you one. For free. It helped win
11 professional long drive events in 2012. Email me at

Michael Trumbell says:

I had a couple questions. 1) I want to continue my swing practice and put
the speed training at the end of each range session. Does this sound
reasonable? 2) How often were you doing the fast twitch muscle training?
Tom recommends every other day to allow for rest. Did you still hit balls
on the off days?

Timothy Townsend says:

Wow. That range is easy to recognize. Eaton Canyon. I bomb it over that
fence on a regular. Im down there 2-3 times a week. Funny to see someone
using that range on Youtube. So how long are you now?

MrFahnatic says:

GO BIG or GO HOME haha I like your style. Cool hat btw. But are you going
to do this kind of swing with your irons. I’m guessing not but I love
watching your videos and improvements and keep posting more please. 🙂

mgsolis9 says:

What about accuracy?? did you lose it?

J Britt says:

i dont have much money. can you please tell me the basics of how you
improved your clubhead speed

crisisofconsciousnes says:

I broke my swing speed radar :(((((((((

David Schultz says:

see your swing speed on trackman and find out if it’s the same. trackman
measures the center of the clubface, whereas this thing just measures the
toe. it errs on the high side.

michael64eh says:

my question is…when you were swinging faster where you still hitting the
ball straight??

myswingevolution . says:

Just send an email to my youtube address.

foshizzelman says:

so all youve been doing is swinging a shaft for fast twitch muscles

Michael Trumbell says:

Did you continue working on your swing at the range during you off days?

Jonathan Chose says:

how you did that??

brady coburn says:

U swing faster hitting a ball then just swinging

Timothy Frost says:

Quicken your pivot motion to increase lag and speed, and the faster you get
the more you swing under with the right shoulder dropping down… no-one on
tour has faster hips than Bubba and Rory…… two tips: once loaded in the
backswing clear the hips forward by driving hard off the instep of the
right leg for controlled power (just focus on this feeling and nothing
else) which should quicken your body rotation, and try snapping the left
heel back hard for ballistic power.

myswingevolution . says:

I took my long drive swing to the course the next day not knowing what
would happen. I hit it just as straight but longer. I would have the odd
miss, but overall the ball was going where I wanted it to.

brewmaster95060 says:


Kim Budaden says:

Thanks for replying! Love your videos.

Timothy Frost says:

As Jamie Sadlowski would say ‘swing faster not harder’…… you really
started to do that with headless shaft. Before long it started to look like
a whipping motion…… nice.

Nick says:

never swing weighted clubs fast with one hand. Your spine angle is nowhere
close to handle swinging your self off balance. Practically crushing your
hips. I would advise to stop long drive training. Go weight train, and work
on flexibility and posture first. I am only looking out for you. You’re
body type couldn’t handle 130+ mph swing speeds.

myswingevolution . says:

I agree with you, but after this training my “control” swing speed went up
10 mph.

Yardener28 says:

After doing the speed training your swing looked much looser, in a good way
looked like you got a lot of the tension out. swing speeds like driving car
if you have been going 80 all day on the highway 60 feels like you are
standing still. if you keep swinging at around 140 with the shaft soon 120
will be cruising speed for you.

Kim Budaden says:

How far do you hit your drives? I also wanna hit it further.

augustagator66 says:

really appreciate this stuff. It’s helping me change my swing as well.

myswingevolution . says:

I made a 10-part series depicting what I did to improve my clubhead speed,
and it won’t cost you a penny to watch it on youtube.

MrChandragouda says:

great tips..my game now so better. Finally i am shooting in low 80’s now
after long time…thanks man!

foshizzelman says:

well it looks like its doing good for you. Good job!

Terry .W says:

hey bud. i have an idea for you. how do i contact you?

Carl-Johan Hellstrom says:

hope u will get some speed 🙂

KingsleyZ says:

Very interesting how your normal swing speed increased after your speed
training, almost as if your body physiologically adjusted to the increased
swing speed, which then carried over into your normal swing instantaneously.

Nick Hough says:

What I have found interesting during your speed training, is the
improvement in balance you have achieved, were you doing any other working
out – gym work etc??

michael64eh says:

Christo, firstly thank you for replying to my other comments!! Can you
please tell us….is your Iron swing different from your Wood’s swing?

John Malihi says:

Which model should I get the BLUE or the RED with the TEMPO TIMER, and why
and what is the benefit, any comment will be appreciated. Cheers.

SOS89140 says:

Thats funny.

matt atkinson says:

I go from about 270 average to 310-340 everytime with those two changes…
but its more wild for sure so open fairways required of course

Taylor Carter says:

My name is Taylor I was watching your long drive training and I’m starting
my long drive trainning do you know the guys name who I could send a
message to about his long drive trainning to see if he could send me a
swing speed radar please message me back

larrybud says:

It should be noted that these radars measure a bit on the high end, like
around 5-6% too much. But to use as a baseline they’re fine.

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