Learn how to GET GOOD at PUTTING!! | Disc Golf Declassified: E4 | Putting tips from a World Champion

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If you want to know how to putt like a world champion, this video will show you what you need to do! Join me as I work on improving my putt, showing you how to do it along the way!

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Cam Barker says:

Yellow kind

C.S. Lee says:

Gatorade isn’t good for you lol

TR Foster says:

Definitely grape.

KDawgg Productions says:

Some great tips, thanks Jake!

Nicolas Tsatsaronis says:

I got 10X better once I got a routine and squared up a bit!

Mr. Spock says:

Great Video! What is the straightest putter without any hyzer ot anhyzer you ever heard from?

NorthXNorthWestServices Davison says:

Cool blue/ fruit punch mixed

T.D W says:

Lemon lime original

Bryan K says:

Grape, probably. I typically don’t drink the stuff, but I would think you can’t go wrong with grape.

Peyton Eichelberger says:

Orange is the best flavor


Orange all day!

Chris Esponge says:

Gatorade Glacier Cherry

Shayne Kobelsky says:

Blueberry!!! And great video aswell!

Danny Fulton says:

Great content! Thanks for sharing!

Hamburgla says:

Citrus cooler for sure

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