Learn a quick tip to improve your putting

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Ensure fluid putting with the two tee test, a great golf tip from Paul McLoughlin, Ireland number 1 golf coach and PGA professional.


zenpoet123 says:

Happy Christmas to you both!

orangewhiptrainer says:

Like it!

robsoekardiman says:

Great idea! Going to try it.

MeatloafTribute1 says:


bigsleep32 says:

With this tip hopefully I can avoid hearing my favorite praise in golf, “still your shot Ben.”


talk talk talk – blah blah blah – see the craziest putting style ever – see a dude make 3 – 22foot putts in 5secs – $100 challenge to anyone that can do the same – watch my video…

joejo1559 says:

when you put is the ball in the middle of your stance or in the front of your stance

o0converge0o says:

back and true back and true

brendan Ladd says:

is that common to have your hands backwards like that? if so im guessing its a control related concept but thats weird.

chris62008 says:

Love his accent. Love that he is a Wilson Staff player. LOVE his game. He is one of my favorite. Him and Mickelson.

smiley3169 says:

Put two more tees the same way and put through both sets just saying

roger860 says:

I had to stop doing this drill … I was breaking too many tees.

John Casemier says:

I’ve been golfin for awhile now and i actually really liked this video, this is something i have been trying in the back yard now hahaha. i’ve taken classes and golfed for awhile and would suggest this to golfingcenter.wordpress com/golf-news/

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