Kaidin Bell, amazing 18 month old baby pdga jr golf putting Innova, Discraft, prodigy disc, ace,

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Kaidin is improving his skill at throwing standard size discs. He is also learning to throw at further distances. It is difficult to see how far away he is s…


Allie Mooney says:


Joe Duncan says:

Make baby video, baby becomes famous golfer, baby watches video when older and picks up tips from his former self.

Scott Ballard says:

My first year of golf I only threw forehand…so he’s right on track to switch over to RHBH at 2 1/2…awesome stuff…

Dan Brown says:

that is amazing! the shot great shot at 1:25 and then 5 seconds of tiredness as if his brain was busy processing what he learnt. and then total focus and composure before a perfectly executed ace, followed by another. and then it just became to easy for him.. great stuff.

awphill says:


bennoyes05 says:

Those all aces on the wall? Look at all that plastic

thatfonkyhonky says:

He putts better than me lol

davetherocketguy says:


camoo420 says:

Wow thats cool better forehand than me

Ethan Nims says:

Hahaha this kid is awesome! Can’t wait to see how he plays when he’s older… At this rate, he’ll be able to out-drive me by age five!

Zachary Mazur says:

Train them young! Maybe he’s a disc golf ‘prodigy’ lol

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