Justin Rose Golf Swing

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Tony Eccles says:

Classic analysis of a modern classic swing. Love Justin’s rhythm too…and
What a Ryder cup!,

mpbyrne says:

Yeah I like Justin Rose, seems a nice guy. Adam Scott would be a good swing
analysis to compare Rose to.

Joey L says:

Great video, like the break down of the pros. I would love to see a break
down of your swing.

garbabby says:

It looks to me as if he is wearing tennis shoes – is that why his left foot
is spinning ?

Xennazico says:

could you do a video about Raphael Jacquelin as well Mark? he’ has one of
the most sensational golfswings you’ll ever see. thx!

steve white says:

Mark how does his dynamic lie change at impact compared to address …
Hands look a lot higher, is this just camera angle? Obv not a criticism
just intrigued based on you recent videos

Luke Robinson says:

Great analysis as always Mark. Would be very interesting if you could post
your own swing and hear your personal thoughts. Ie what things you do well
and what you could do better. What held you back going to the next level in
the professional game or did you always want to teach? 

jimbofatplum says:

good vid,great player. im a fan of the slow hitters though..fred n ernie

malf1969 says:

Kaymer please

Pontus T says:

Adan Scott and Justin Rose is the two players who has the best swing
technique or at least the posture in the PGA Tour

shakers97 says:

His left foot wouldn’t spin out so much if he had soft spikes on.

Aaron Scott says:

I want to see you play more! Take your camera and take us along. 

Julien Mougeot says:

Thanks for the video. Can you please do the analyze of dubuisson swing ?

shortstop4 says:

Great video Mark. I want to ask about his right hand grip, particularly
the positioning of the right thumb. It seems like it just lays over the
club and the right side of the right thumb is the only thing contacting the
grip (lightly). Does this sound correct?

straight True says:

A beautiful swing made to look easy.
Must give him lots of confidence knowing he can repeat it time and time
Very smooth isn’t it.

Joel's Golf Journey says:

Great swing, great videos Mark. 

Jake Garcia says:

Love the video and J Rose. He has a very simple and effective swings. Keep
up the good work Mark.

Esoxfan says:

Quite similar to
Your own swing Mark.

MrPedrofoto says:

Justin Rose is a brilliant golfer. He is a gentleman too. Awesome
performance at the 2014 Ryder Cup. Man of the tournament if you ask me.

Mark Crossfield says:
W. Jones says:

I’m definitely a fan of Justin Rose. Great player, great swing!

Matthew Collins says:

Can you do Eamon Darcy please

Golfguy076 says:

Pro swing analysis, trick shots on Vine…now where have I seen those

HeidisBrother says:

That’s a dope jacket Mark…send me one?? LOL

Peter D says:

Great stuff as ever, Mark. Have you ever thought to do similar analyses on
players of different eras, such as Snead and Hogan? Would love to hear your
thoughts on their swings.

Iwan Bourton says:

Ultra talented considering that he’s been through a few teachers and
strikes the ball so solid. Considering they had the same swing coach I’d
love to see your analysis of Tiger. Why does TW hit it further right than
another certain prawn crisp munching Devon pro, oh and Justin? 

Stu Dunn says:

Amazing closing remark, I wonder if at that point it just comes down to the
mental resolve which distinguishes consistent champions from people who
just have classic great repeatable swings.

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