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How to instantly improve your golf and realise your potential through a simple golf drill. To instantly improve and become a great golfer, test how far you can alter your swing to strike the ball and release your golfing potential with this simple golf drill.

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Steven Symonds says:

Can wait to try this, thanks for posting

Clive Gascoigne says:

great drill Steve ill give it a go cheers

Marijan Manuel says:

Does this include with woods as well or just irons?

Jim Miller says:

Great drill, Steve. I have the same question as Mike Christensen : "When you play your real ball on the course do you look at low point 2 ball lengths in front of the actual ball or at the ball itself?"

Phil Manning says:

I brought the deadaim and liked it a lot. Lost the bloody thing!

Brian Davidson says:

Instant results with this drill.

JeZuS RoDriGuEz says:

Mate your grip/wrist and connection to the club looks so comfortable, can you please give some tips on how to reproduce this?

Mike Owen says:

Does this work with the putter?

phil foley says:

Great advice, how much better would it be if you could understand him.

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