Incredible Challenging Mini Golf Putting Course!

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We haven’t played a mini golf “putting” style course in a while, and this one is pretty challenging!

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We are playing the Dunes Family Putting Course in Miramar Beach, FL. This is a fun, and incredibly challenging, mini golf putting style course. Could you get a mini golf hole in one here?

About Brooks Holt:
What is going on BHV! I used to travel the world playing drums, now I travel the world playing mini golf on the internet. Subscribe to my channel so you can be notified when I post new videos playing some of the best and crazy mini golf courses from all over the country! From getting a mini golf hole in one, to finding the best and craziest mini golf courses from all over the country, join us as we travel all over the United States and the world!

Crazy Tough Mini Golf Putting Course!

Brooks Holt

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Future Gaming says:

i think that the ball will fall out 30 times combined

Brad Rains says:

15-20 times

Allison Franklin says:

Team Brooks… i say 35 times the ball go out…

Sean Audette says:

36. 18 times for each of you lol

Ernie Capell says:

Team Elisha

HockeyVOX says:

Centennial Lakes Park in Edina, MN and the Disney course y'all played would be "putting courses," Brooks. 😀

Ernie Capell says:

20-30 times

sherry ramer says:

i think youll go out of bounds 7 times

Spencer Nuss says:

The balls will go out of bounds 7 times ( total)

TIM O'Dell says:

I guess at least 20 times outta bounds total throughout the entire video

Jon Pogue says:

It's going to go off the carpet way to many times to guess number! Team Elisha!!!! Baby Yoda is her good luck child!!!!

Sam Sitar says:

on hole 5 i would putt straight across.

mark chapman says:

12 times out. Maybe team brooks

Ernie Capell says:

Brooks is a permanent fixer in the damn dog house

Jonathan Vince says:

I think Elisha needs her eyes tested because at certain distances she is not aiming at the hile about 6 to eight inches away from it.

jamie elliott says:

Always her to win she better then you lol

Tyler Morris says:

Team Brooks

Bobble Bardsley says:

I kinda like the look of this course. It had enough backboards to keep it from being too crazy hard, and the few holes with pipes etc made it more interesting than 'just' a miniature golf course. Definitely an interesting change from the usual mini golf courses (although I'm not complaining about those at all either!)

Excellent Chal Games says:

I would have been doing light shots on a course like this. Just be VERY careful!


who else noticed that hole 8 is a figure 8?

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