In 2000 Tiger Woods Accidentally Revealed the SECRET to the Golf Swing

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April 11, 2000 2 days after Tiger Woods finished 5th place in the 2000 Masters he went on golf channel and in the course of a conversation he revealed what many are now called the secret motor program to golf. Tiger went on to win the next 4 majors in a row, now referred to as the Tiger slam.

It is difficult to convince people of this because you don’t see it in pictures. The body WILL ALWAY go first, regardless of how fast you try to move your arms. The key is fast arms that outrace the body. (you don’t freeze the body either, let it react to the arms.)

Most of this footage is from “The Source of Power” available at

This move has also help me cut my handicap by more than half. (from 4.1 to 1.4)

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Building Your REACTIONARY Golf swing

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Johnny Chorgo says:

I know what the secret is. It's way way way more difficult than every golfer thinks. There are visual, sensory, & mental illusions. As I started to decipher the swing I had to create from nothing a new model to fit it into. With my new model I was able to use it against itself to further decipher. Right now the there are a couple conclusions I'm being led to that are really hard for me to believe is what is actually taking place. I'm trying my hardest to disprove it but the evidence just keep pointing back to it. I hit a 200 yard 8 iron the other day and a 120 yard 56 deg sand wedge both right & left handed.

leebo130 says:

Arms in front of the body. Shit I've been hitting with them behind my back this whole time

Patrick Lee says:

If you keep your head behind the ball at impact like Bobby Lopez instructs, it solves a lot of potential problems.

Craig Berry says:

Couldn't agree more. Videos and images can be very deceptive

like,share and subscribe says:

So now half the YouTube golf advice is to increase lag and the other half is to "lead with your arms".

turkey bandit says:

Wow i have no idea what is going on

stephen f says:

Not many here will believe this, but before he was a TV announcer and had to sort of slide into "be positive about almost everything any good player or any teacher says about the swing" mode (which put him in the position of advocating completely contradictory things from one week to the next, sometimes from one segment to the next), he was actually a great teacher and theorist, and I imagine he's still an excellent teacher if you work with him personally, based on what I knew of him in the '70s and '80s.

Here's the point: In his book The Inside Path to Better Golf, possibly the most underrated and underread great instructional book ever, he says exactly what Woods is saying here — that in his best swings, he tends to feel that the arms are having to catch up to the club, and the shoulders and torso are catching up to the arms and club. It's not quite true, but it's a feeling of free-swinging instead of shoving and levering the club around with the shoulders and body. It's exactly what Woods is talking about here, only Kostis was writing this in 1982. Toski, Flick, Love Jr., and a few others were saying it well before that, even.

Which is not to disparage Woods or Harmon. Quite the opposite. I'm confirming that they're working in a long tradition of solid good-player theory and practice.

sambhu sivalenka says:

I was laughed off a discussion board after saying I have followed what Tiger and Bobby in this video are saying…I had 3 birdies and reached 2/4 par 5s in two, first time in my life..and hve been doing this consistently….i have been playing golf for 20 years and suffered immensly from early extension. I have not topped a ball in 4 rounds. I am stating all of the above matter of factly, no hidden agenda. I am a golfer and not a teacher. There are many golf quacks on line with no resumes to show for. I followed one for years and went no where. Thank good ness for the reality to finally breakthrough in teaching.

Rus Royce says:

Sleepy game, not a sport

Calder Dryden says:

Neil Armstrong accidentally reveals how to get to the moon.

Billy Graham says:

Great video!

FugginGene says:

So how do you "accidentally" reveal a secret when he's telling us purposely? My swing coach must be accidentally revealing secrets in every lesson. How lucky am I?

American Lefty says:

I tried this today and hit 14/18 greens.

Charles goodman says:

This is one of the greatest videos and exclamations on the golf swing I’ve ever seen my swing has gotten so much better just by watching this about once a month

cyuiyu wyguiyui says:

Hit with the body not with your arms.

Carp says:

Most helpful swing video I've ever watched.

Vlas Gilbers says:

I`ve been playing for 7 years and gone through many lessons. Finding out these golf swing strategies “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it) authorized me to taken a seventy-five after a couple of buckets. Now, I am more knowledgeable about grip, ball position, through swing drills, and more golf concepts. My prior handicap is 13, but now I`m beginning to drop it. This particular guide is excellent! .

Doug O'Connor says:

The secret to better golf is to take your right side or strong side out of the golf downswing. This was mentioned very briefly.

Doug O'Connor says:

One more thing. Forget Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus listen to the Korean Wiseman Kim Jeong-Kyoo if you want to improve your golf.

marahopey says:

Anyone else think using music from a conspiracy documentary is totally ridiculous?

Truth Of The Matter says:

Shawn Clement has been saying this for years as well.

Hack To Scratch Golf says:

Can’t stress this enough that this is a feel vs real thing to help you stay more in sequence

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