Improve Your Wrist Hinge In Your Backswing

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PGA Golf Professionals Piers Ward and Andrew Proudman show you a great drill to help improve wrist set in your backswing.…



Also can I send you a video of my swing and can you break down my flaws so
I can improve. I want to enter in tournaments by the middle of next year
and I’m trying to get to scratch by the end of this year! Thanks boys!

meandmygolf says:

Great Will, Glad this could help you. Creating a good “L” is very important
for your timing which really helps everything. Thanks for watching!

Thomas Manna says:

Gene lame

fradaja says:

funny that the 1st position he tells you NOT to get in is exactly the same
position greg norman used to get in! the no 1 straightest driver of the
ball ever! feckin BS!

callalad1 says:

Hi piers and Andy , great ( flick the mud ) video , helps my flat and wide
swing ,, great video as always !! Keep it up ,

Scott Clark says:

If one has a neutral grip, should one have a flat left wrist or a cupped
left wrist?

RBMasih says:

Great back swing drill!!

Eric S says:

When you’re swinging, do you feel as if you’re actively moving your wrists
they way you do here? I was learning from Paul Wilson’s videos, but when I
went to the range I got the best results from making that flick with my
wrists (much like in tennis). I’ve heard others saying that it’s impossible
to time if you do it actively but I don’t have much of a problem as long as
I aim at a spot ahead of the ball so that my left wrist is still cupped at
impact. Is it a bad habit?

meandmygolf says:

I think that is a good way to work it Scott if someone is struggling to get
to the club in to a good impact due to face position.The better the
backswing, the easier it makes for a good downswing!

Harvey7878 says:

This video was PERFECT for me! Thanks a lot

SB Zero says:

Excellent… always thank you for the video. Great job.


Awesome thank you!!!

Vince Worley says:

Awesome guys thanks for the lesson the other day piers har


You guys are great! Love watching your drills keep it coming!!!

Aaron Irby says:

You don’t know anything about sports Fradaja. The only game you play is
pocket pool with small boys you fucking reatrd.

darrenbyrne117 says:

great job lads could you take a look at my swing on my youtube channel and
give me some drills to do thanks Darren

meandmygolf says:

Hi again Scott. It all comes down to preference. Personally I just look
more at what the club face is doing. So many people have different grips,
it becomes difficult. We actually usually see the left wrist slightly
cupped with what we think is a neutral grip.

tommc49 says:

Andy, I’ve noticed in several of your vids that you actually more the club
forward (towards the target) before you start taking it back. Is that
something you recommend or is that just part of your demonstration

Shinn Diggle says:

I watched this video and then applied it to the range and it worked
perfectly. That early wrist hinge helped straighten out my shots. Now I am
actually hitting the ball much more consistently and further than before.
Its amazing how the L to L drill really works. You guys are great and
thanks so much for your drill. It helped a frustrated golfer gain much
needed confidence. Cheers

Tom Grossman says:

you must be a pissed of golfer

meandmygolf says:

Hi, this is just a habbit that I created (not intentional). Just a move
that kick starts my backswing when doing a practice swing. Not sure why I
started it but it has stuck.

meandmygolf says:

Hi Bishop, no problem. You can email us your swing and we will do our best
to have a look for you and give you some help! You can find the details on

drewster85 says:

Have a go, sir!

Scott Clark says:

I’ve just come to the conclusion that if we need to have our wrist flat at
impact with a cupped right wrist then why not get a neutral grip and
maintain a flat left wrist at top of swing with right hand really
underneath the handle of club and then just try to maintain these angles
into impact by transferring my weight to left foot while keeping my head
and chest behind the ball. Make no real effort to release the club and let
COAM do the work!

SuperMozzman says:

Another cracking video guys, and another thing I need to work hard on !
Need to be careful on this exercise as I caught myself cupping my wrist a
few times …

King Jaffe Joffer says:

Get your fundamentals as comfortable as possible then find your own swing!
Palmer, Player etc won tournaments with their own swings…find yours and
you will enjoy the game better.

bobbyjunior55 says:

Perfect to me either!, thanks guys

meandmygolf says:

Hi Darren, thanks for your comment. If you send us a video of your golf
swing with some issues you are having we will do our best to do a video for
you. you will find our email address on FB or TW. Thanks

meandmygolf says:

Thanks! Hope the video helped, keep us posted on progress.

michaeluhes says:

Likewise, very helpful. I find that over time, however, my arms want to
reassert themselves and start ‘flicking the mud’ and then all the old bad
habits return. For me, I have to focus on the wrist hinge/turn being
forefront, then the swing becomes much shorter, accurate and powerful.
Thanks Guys. Mike in Colorado

meandmygolf says:

Hi Mike. Yes this drill can be tough, but really good if you get a good
motion of the body with it. Thanks for the feedback!

Welsh TourDrivenGolfer says:

Andy has got a great rhythmical flowing swing! Great videos guys!

drmwm1 says:

Thanks guys! Awesome drill — you do a fab job of identifying simple
corrective measures to overcome what have been stealth problem areas..

meandmygolf says:

Thanks for your comment. If you have any suggestions for videos please let
us know.

allaboutthepump says:

do the wrists hinge upwards like using a hammer or does the right
wristhinge backwards more like a slapping action….????

meandmygolf says:

For a right handed golfer, the left wrist hinges upward and your right
wrist bends backwards.


I’ve just started playing in the last year. After three days your vids have
made so much more sense than others on the Internet. Don’t get me wrong,
theirs is good, but now, I understand! Thanks lads

meandmygolf says:

Thanks Paul. Glad you like the videos. One of our aims is to help people
understand more so thanks.

teewoods says:

I subscribed to these guys because they are excellent teachers and have
saved me wasting more money on lessons. Nice duo in blue! 🙂 Maybe you guys
should try and get a new cable golf channel on the UK shores, I know the UK
golfchannel failed but that’s because went over budget with their expensive
guests. . Start small grow strong, The demand is there, the sponsorship is
there too!

bamaslamma1003 says:

Will this drill help correct fat/thin/topped shots? What about push-sliced

meandmygolf says:

This can definitely help with fat and thin shots if the cause is due to
poor lag/wrist angles.

DealCaddie says:

Need some help with your wrist hinge? Watch Today’s Practice Tip and Learn!

#Golf, #GolfDrill, #GolfPractice

arianbatty says:

Great drill if you do not want any shoulder turn. Grip the club light and
your wrist cock will take place on its own . Start the cock like this and
you will end up with no turn .

Edge4writer says:

That position half-way back where the wrist isn’t cocked and you say is bad
form, well that’s the exact same backswing of Tiger Woods. He doesn’t cock
his wrists until he gets to the top, and he doesn’t have the problems
you’re describing….

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