Improve Your Putting with Imagination

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EIapse . says:


fabiausbonn says:


Alan Sharpe says:


Alan Sharpe says:

Do I win anything, lol

TheZushi says:

Seems silly but this is very helpful, thanks mark

defectiveexpert says:


ecgrem says:

What is this?

Trev D says:

2 dislikes? Whyyyy!

Trev D says:

2 dislikes? Whyyyy!

Joseph Tarleton says:

Why do you keep changing putters?!?!

BreckRoadLover21 says:

This will get alot of dislikes, why? because the average amatuer golfer just does not understand how pro athletes play their sport, being strong and athletic is only part of it. SEEING WHAT THEY WANT TO DO BEFORE THEY DO IT and using the MIND like an ARTIST is what most amatuer golfers just do not understand, and they think it is silly, well its not, its how tiger, mickelson, zidane, pirlo, federer all play their sports.

NC2871926 says:

You can’t just create a vivid imagination, that’s the point of having a vivid imagination

ajcgolf69 says:

How many of these videos did you make?

Drift Wood says:

I think I’ve heard similar before…..”let things happen and be the ball” 🙂 Another great vid Mark.

TheMMAtheist says:

Very happy to hear so much from Glenn! In the past Mark had a tendency to talk over people. Still did a bit of that but much better. Great video as always.

Josh Hornby says:

Do you have any vids on playing at any of the La Manga courses? Playing there in a few months and would love some help. Thanks mate

Ashley Elder says:

Play tiger woods golf game it helps with my putting

MaliciousSeditionist says:

See the putt, feel the putt, roll the putt.

Alpaca abong says:

ever since i tripped on acid for the first time I’ve been able to see the lines O.O

WhatTheWafflesHD says:

What iPad app do you use when you are hitting drivers and irons at the driving range because I might want to use it.

FANOFPOP36 says:

Could you please look at my driver swing on my Chanel really appreciate it thnx

Jordan Bell says:

Why do you use a Nike method putter with the big grip in your putting videos, but on the golf course lessons you use a ping Scottsdale blade with a traditional grip?

Eric Sheen says:

Because these are old videos

BIGBANG965 says:

this was yesterday you mog

evansine68 says:

Something else to work on in the game.Congrats to Phil he had to use his imagination towin the open and the scots.called his 66.

dairniel says:

Use the force Mark. Use the force

Liam Walker says:

agree helps imagine the lines on the green

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