Improve Your Putting With Better Timing

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Improve Your Putting With Better Timing with Mark Crossfield and Glenn Billington. Improve your golf putting with this simple timing tip from putting coach Glenn Billington and PGA professional AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield. With the help of Sam Putt Lab Mark and Glenn show how the timing of the putter changes with different grip pressures. Hole more putts with Glenn and Mark’s putting series of golf videos.


The Best says:

Both Gay LOL!!!

Phil says:

i have heard about hitting putts with top spin to help avoid lipping out as the balls is naturally inclined to fall into the hole rather than spin away if it is spinning clockwise or anti clockwise any thoughts?

Charlie Ryder says:

Let him talk ffs. He's the professional

Leftienige Blank says:

Any top-spin applied would disappear after a few inches of roll due to the ball's interaction with the grass (friction, to put it simply)

Z Harney says:

Mark, recently I had a problem with losing my putts consistently to the left of the hole. I realized that my right hand was dominating my stroke and that my grip pressure was firmer. Since then, I've tried to have medium firm pressure in the left hand with light pressure in the right. QUESTION: How do you feel about letting the left hand dominate the putting stroke?

Alf M says:

You mean backspin

Phil says:

sorry Leftienigie Blank but that's rubbish, . Backspin would disappear after a few rolls, but topspin would continue as long as the ball has energy, spot on Alf M.

9tube1 says:

Interesting (to me) that the lighter grip pressure didn't produce a smoother back swing and forward swing.

WazIsReal says:

Hey Mark! Love the videos! Could you possibly do some more course vlogs? Those are some of my favorite videos from you! Keep up the great work!

GOS says:

Who are the 8-15 idiots who thumbs down all these videos?? Cracks me up. Most helpful golf channel on YouTube, hands down. I'm "stuck in" for life!

dan allspark says:

I think the most important aspect of putting is being able to read the greens. If you can't read a green, it doesn't matter how good or bad your putting stroke is, the ball will NEVER go in the hole ! So could you make a video about reading the greens please Mark. Love the channel. Keep up the good work.

David Goodland says:

That shirt!

edmund kim says:

'control without control', putt like water my friend

mrtysonpants says:

I disagree. What's the point of reading a green if you can't putt the ball straight. Once you can putt consistently, then you should learn to read greens.

Mububban23 says:

Great point, but I wonder if that's possible with a normal video camera, would it show the depth and undulations on a computer screen?

Nigel Yates says:

Watched the video out of curiosity, bit after failing badly at my recently joined club, thought I'd try it last night. Scored 40 points and putted solidly, has helped make a confident strike. Just have to remember to reposition the ball in the Centre of the stance. Keep the tips coming Mark.

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