Improve Your Putting Skills With 5 simple tips

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Simple golf tips to improve putting, hole more putts and stop 3 putting.

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Forget about reading the green until you have mastered pace. Getting this right comes from developing a smooth putting rhythm.

There are no hard and fast rules about how you address the ball – develop any style you like as long as it delivers a smooth and reliable stroke.

Putting tip 1) Allow more break in your green reading.
Putting tip 2) Gauging distance
Putting tip 3) Distance Control stroke 1 arm technique
Putting tip 4) Intermediate point for every putt
Putting tip 5) Clockface visual to see break and hole putts


Michael Cunningham says:

Alex, in my opinion, picking an intermediate point is the worst thing you can do. If you miss that point by 5mm it will be a mile away when it gets near the hole and so on. I work my put out and pick a point aiming exactly at that point, left, right or straight at the hole. I think I’m a good putter.

James Adcock says:

Do u have your left eye over the ball? I book the last tee time on a Friday evening I pretty much have the course to myself so u can practice more. for example i will hit 6 tee shots on two par 3 holes and practice putting. maybe go and play the par 3 second again at the end of my round. without being bugged by people playing behind u.

Mark Sheehan says:

great video again Alex ! have you ever golfed in Ireland?!

SuperDieseldriver says:

Alex sounds like Justin Rose

JimboSRP says:

My biggest putting issue is actually reading the break at all (I've been known to start it on the exact opposite direction to the break!). I've started just rolling golf balls underarm on the greens for a few minutes after I play each hole to try to calibrate my eye. Thanks for the tips, will definitely try them next time I practice.
I wonder whether you'd be able to do a video (or series) on approaches to recovering from bad shots Alex? Things like fluffy grass in bad rough (I always duff those shots) or fairway bunkers or under (and behind) trees – you know, the kind of scenarios that can kill your card if you choose the wrong strategy? Apologies if you have already done something along these lines – I haven't watched everything (yet).

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