Improve Your Putting – Cack handed

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PGA Golf Professional Piers Ward talks about how changing the way you hold the putter can make a huge difference.


Bobby Hay says:

did you realise that andys name comes up as the person doing this video

Michael Wesch says:

Very nice video. I accidently stumbled over cack handed putting just a few month ago and I really do good with it. Especially my distance control is way better then before. I will certainly stick to it.

nachospole1 says:

I play right handed but for some reason I found I putted better left handed and so I have stuck with it

see you later says:

Thank you so much

National Cyber & Computer says:

here's several tips for how to play golf better
Do exercises
Position your feet properly
Learn the best body posture
(I read these and the reasons they work from Gavs golf tactic website )

Bill Moss says:

Well done Piers : so well explained and demonstrated. I think it may be the solution for shorter putts in particular.

8563robbie says:

I don't understand how anyone can putt..other than left hand low its logical , and bio mechanically sound

Constantine999 says:

I always have my cack in my hand it works great

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