Improve Your Golf Swing using a Video Camera

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visit for hundreds of golf instruction videos. In this golf instruction video you’ll see one of the easiest ways to check…


AGameGolf says:

I’ve been golfing for 38 years now. I’ve had many professional golf lessons included from pros that “overthink” and way over complicate matters. Pros don’t fix problems permanently any more than publications do. People who want to play 0-8 handicap golf will almost certainly have to see a pro “and” practice for hours at the range and putting green and play several rounds per week. For people that play occasionally as a social event non competitively, just a simple net can improve your game.

AGameGolf says:

I learned to play when I was 2. My swing has evolved a few times with different professional instruction. I understand the dynamics well enough that when I hit a ball and achieve a certain result that I can make corrections correctly. I maintain a 7 handicap from year to year accepting that the only way I can improve much more is to spend alot more time at the course practicing which time I don’t have. To maintain flexibility, tempo and maintain the feel of a solid strike I use a net at home.

AGameGolf says:

You make a good distinction. There are 4 different learning styles; auditory, visual, digital and kinesthetic. I am very visual and have always found it easy to watch someone do something and then apply it to myself. People with other learning styles which “read this in Golf Digest and can’t get it to work” may have to find an alternative method to learn which could be visiting a pro. You’re only seeing the students that aren’t able to visualize as I do while the successful ones are out golfing

badsmack says:

sometimes when i hit the ball i hit the club on the ground before hitting the ball wich results in a shorter shot. do you have any tips?

dmadras says:

great idea is NOT to copy this swing. Unless you need to early turn, transition extremely steep, tilt under, and lose balance in the finish….then this would be a great model!

whatare0o0o says:

where did you get that net and how much did is cost you?

AGameGolf says:

go to agamegolfinstruction . com and click on “training and practice aids” and then click on “golf practice nets” and you’ll have many to select from. This one was about $40.

AGameGolf says:

see my comment below to whatare0o0o

AGameGolf says:

correct, that is why you practice at home and follow it up at the driving range or with a computer that can give you feedback at home.

josh3564 says:

nice swing hey iv been having trouble hitting irons and well all of my clubs solid i often hit thin or too fat or slice my driver i can hit at least 300 yds but often slice can you take a look at my swing and give me suggestions to help my flaws that iv mentioned thanks in advance

theestrogenius says:

He clearly loses his balance at the end of his swing. If his impact was absolutely perfect, this doesn’t matter. Unfortunately, balance and posture in the followthrough usually tells the story of the swing.

AGameGolf says:

so do you suggest that because I don’t stand there with long enough for someone to take pictures that it isn’t balanced? Even pros walk out of a finished golf swing at times rather than waiting in a photo finish.

insticnt2 says:

I would have to agree. Your Posture does need some work. Also, your knee flex. However, you don’t look very comfortable over the ball. Doing a little waggle is fine, but your moving your knees back and fourth. Which is sometimes causing you to stand up a little more straight up at times, which would be why you might lose your balance. I would suggest that you keep a proper knee flex do a little waggle and then hit your shot.

cgasucks says:

Man you got overactive knees…especially your right one in your backswing..

AGameGolf says:

The great thing about golf is there are different techniques for different physical abilities. In this video I have a back injury inhibiting flexibility and coil on my back swing, so some of the upper torso movement transfers into my knees where my right leg locks out. This is what happens in the “Stack and Tilt method”.

AGameGolf says:

To play golf, there are only 3 things you need to worry about.
1 – You need to be able to hit the ground consistently in the same place with the club head.
2- Be able to hit it far enough to score well.
3- Be able to control where the golf ball goes.
If you can do all three of those, then the technique to make it happen is not so important. There are basics that you will implement however it will be different from person to person; look at the differences in PGA pros Jim Furyk & JB Holmes

paWOLFck says:

Can you take any criticism? It seems as though your posture and swing could use a little help. These tips are only going to help you; yes there are different techniques to play golf but they are only trying to help YOUR technique improve and to help YOUR overall game. And yes I agree that your knees are a little too active and if you calm those down just a little bit and get a smoother more balanced swing, then your hits will improve drastically.

MrPar24 says:

You stole those 3 things off the stack and tilt dvds. Oh and by the way, stack and tilt is shit

AGameGolf says:

You’re right. I did phrase my 3 points above the same as the stack and tilt even though I don’t endorse the stack and tilt method. I do agree with their 3 points and my point is that there are many ways or methods to achieve those 3 points. Find a golf instructor whose points make sense and who you can relate with and apply their methods.

369yuu says:

when you take back, you put too much inside,

kovalcik17 says:

no he doesnt

En-Huei Joe says:

Very useful tip indeed. Thank you.

Additionally, I recommend video from 4 angles – so a golfer can see if there is need for improving the golf swing.

chestateegold says:

this is how i learned to improve my swing… never got a lesson… 16 and breaking 90 :). great vid

wrightynw says:

A net is a good way to practise, although it can tell you nothing about your ball trajectory or end product of your shot, hitting solid golf shots helps build confidence and takes away some of the anxiety that higher handicappers feel whilst stood over the golf ball, however to improve your game generally this should be followed by a trip to the range or golf course whenever possible, in order to avoid graining in a incorrect technique.

mheathbar29 says:

i know that this comment is old but that comment is so untrue. I’m 17 and can drive 250-280 consistently and i hit fairway 85%. But that does not mean shit. I am terrible whiten 25 yards of the pin and putt like a fool so my scores end up low to mid 90’s. Just because you can hit far straight and control the ball does not mean you will be a good golfer

SchuylarColfax says:

what kind of golf net is that? where did you get it? Do you hit holes in it? I can’t find one that I can’t blast holes in after about 100 balls…thanks.

Trevor Back says:

A golf net is a fantastic way to do several things like warm up before a round, hit balls after sundown or in the winter. Shooting video of yourself while hitting into a net is very valuable. The best hitting net out there is the RevolutioNET.

AndrewAndHisPotatoes says:

how much was this and whered you get it?

Brenda Herrera says:

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Angelique Torre says:

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Curtis Howard says:

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