Improve Your Golf Short Game Chipping Drill

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evansine68 says:

I think it is good for narrowing your focus a little more onyour .target

harneyzach says:


Kingpin3o7 says:

Favorite videos on YouTube! These have really improved my game!

skia4life89 says:

Mark, you should do a “whats in the bag video” discuss your clubs and why. I would be very interested in that.

Steve Evans says:

Another pair of new shoes Mark, what a fashion victim 🙂

HumbleDeeJay says:

he has one on his channel

David Eaton says:

What do you think about ball position when chipping

Taylor Zalewski says:

I consider my short game to be pretty solid, I hit the flop and the standard chip with the ball landing before the target and rolling up. Can you do a video on how to punch the ball from the fairway and make it check by the hole? I’m finding myself in this situation a lot more and feel that if I could make the ball check it would really help me out. Everyone just says “hit down on it” but a tutorial would be more helpful as I’m a visual learner. Thanks

scottpallister123 says:

Can you make a video using a chipper would be useful

Bluecrew27 says:

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Allan Butler says:

Looks like a good putting drill also!

cman12ful says:

Mark, please check out my swing videos. Thanks.

Matt Bishop says:

fish and chips!

Ray M says:

Great drill.

Ray M says:

How do you like the m project shoes? I love mine. I can’t pull off that color though. Haha

zak shingler says:

Do a comparison between the RBZ stage 2 and covert driver

biggjorge21 says:

It’s gotta be the shoes.

MixeyG says:

Awesome as always Mark. Cheers

MrBootleBoy1969 says:

Hi Mark, could you do a video on how to get the ball to check? Cheers

MrIrnbru2000 says:

Can you do a vid on hand rotation

bowshott007 says:

how high should my lob wedge be going? i just started golfing

petecabrina says:

Another good drill here would be to have each new shot actually land as close as possible to where the last ball is sitting, although maybe this would be for a lower degree wedge since the distance spread would be much larger. Mark do you use the same club for nearly all shot 0-90m out? I have read this is the smartest way to go, sticking to the one club, at least for standard shots.

gravy137 says:

Hey mark, would u recommend vokey wedges or Cleveland?

Logan Millar says:

Would really appreciate if you did a comparison between the RBZ stage 2 fairway and the Nike covert Mark ! Thanks

naplesscrape53 says:

Enough with the exercise videos.

Winterstick549 says:

The US Open starts tomorrow. Why are not playing? 🙂

Matthew Wright says:

Using my classic wilson blue ridge wedges, I tend to stick a broken shaft in at one end of my garden, maybe 20yards away, and just see how many of my balls i can get with in a club length (left, right, forward and back) from it…might try this though

Heelor2131 says:

1:59….like a baws

Rasputin770 says:

01.57 Epic!!

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