Improve Your Golf Pitching With One arm

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PGA Golf Professional Piers Ward demonstrates a great drill to help improve your pitch shots using only one arm. http://w…


Howard Thomas says:

When you do this drill where are you gripping the club? Is it the normal position that you would use for your right hand? Or is it a bit closer to the end?

Jesus Paras says:

love the channel

meandmygolf says:

It depends on the length of shot. Because the pitch is a mini swing generally I will choke down the handle to reduce power. The best thing for you to do is experiment up and down the handle and see how it effects distance. Thanks for your comments and keep in touch.

alakabaz3 says:

I’m actually better at pitching with one hand than two :s I always feel I have too much energy with two hands and so don’t commit properly which usually leads to thinning it

mathew Kimbrell says:

Same with me. I do pitch better but too scared to try it on the course. I would hate to shank one with everyone watching and have them think I am not trying.

Joe Howden says:

i actually golf one handed. i am right handed hit with my right. left arm usually hold my smoke 🙂 i play the course one handed driving range one handed. i drive between 240-260, 9 iron about 150, 4 hybrid around 200 +roll. my problem is i hit the ball too hard! i am working on trying to get less distance on my short irons.

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