Improve Your Golf Drivers With Better Striking

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Mark Crossfield says:
Jim Smith says:

This was my problem for a long time. Great fix. I’ve found if I synchronise
my left hand with the side of my right knee my lower body fires at the
right time.

Steve Connolly says:

Love this video Mark!! Thanks.

Richard Rowe says:

The young bloke just needs a different shaft in his driver Mark. Ha ha ha.

Paul Softley says:

Great video Mark, you have helped me go from 115 to breaking 100 yesterday
in the last couple of months. I am 55 and still want to hit it like a 20
year old. Staying within my capabilities, better striking and working more
on the short shots, I am hoping to break 90 before the snow flies. Thanks

Emmett AU says:

He needs a stiff shaft. That’ll fix his issues.

giovanicanzona says:

I aint seen the club face that open since viewing a Mr Shiels video.
However @ 45 secs club is perfect BUT right knee has already finished
(passed the ball) result a major block right.
should be an easy fix by building up speed gradually .

Eduardo Saldana says:

i know this has nothiing to do with this vid but does someone know if the
jetspeed also enters into the loft up campagin?? thanks

xP3anutsx says:

ya get rid of that regular flex bud lol

itubeutude says:

How do you know that twisting of the face at impact isn’t just camera
distortion? ie. in the same way you talked about the shaft bending forward
wasn’t realistic.

Alexander Mcgregor says:

Good video Mark!

dave danskin says:

I definitely think he could do with a stiffer shaft hahahahah

rosenlefty12 says:

hey mark, loved the vid. just wanted to let you know your videos,
especially the ones regardting the driver have really helped me improve my
swing and more specifically work on the slice. i dont have a fancy driver
but i went to the range yesterday and my drives were going as straight as
ever. thanks a ton!

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