Improve Your Golf Contact – Keep Your Golf Swing Weight Left

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Frederik H says:

100% agree!

JamesParkerGolf says:

Thanks Frederik.

wiiiiiiiiweeeeeeee says:

I am leaning towards this method at the moment and it seems more consistent
hitting the ball better and straighter!

Shahrom Sawi says:

How about with the driver? Weight stays left too?

I'm Simon says:

I agree with you. I have my weight on the forward leg throughout!

JamesParkerGolf says:

Making sure your weight is forward at impact plays a big part in ensuring
the low point is past the ball. Yes, it’s the same with the driver but
obviously the ball is positioned more under the left shoulder. Start with
the weight forward and gradually move more weight forward during the move
for a counterbalanced swing.

JamesParkerGolf says:

Hi Shahrom, Sure! Think of it like this.. if your hands and weight are
forward you’re more likely to attack the ball from the inside and draw the
ball. If your hands and weight are back you’re more likely to attack it
from the outside and fade it.

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