How To Use Your Hips Downswing Lesson AskGolfGuru

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titleistfan1998 says:

hey mark love the videos i’m 15 and my swing speed is 104 mph, i spin hybrids a lot, can you please review the titleist 712 U or other driving irons. thanks

insomnia12 says:

Great tips! Thanks matey

Taylormadefan1996 says:

Hi mark, I have been struggling these last few weeks at holding rounds together , I keep messing up towards the end ,any tips?

vincent koster says:

perhaps you are swinging too hard so you are too tired towards the end?

msalazar689 says:

Perfect explanation.

Jonsse says:

The golf swing is build from the ground up, literally. So if you’re doing something wrong from almost the beginning. ie. having your hips sway forward. Club paths and face angles shouldn’t be your first concern. If you fix one fault with another fault that counteracts the first one, you’re not really improving. You’re just going further away. I get Marks position, he wants people to play better. And a quick change is often easier to teach, then going “you’re doing it all wrong” every time.

digbyte says:

Great stuff

Thubassethound says:

Hello Mark, with help from your videos I’ve managed to play my last 2 games of golf in 92 shots, that’s a big improvement from 115+ shots on my local 72 par course. Any who can you do some videos on bunker shots. Oh and what do they call football in the states 🙂

aaronbrennan101 says:

Hi mark, I’m an 11 hcap and I’m 14 right now I play r9 irons and I am a good ball striker I was wondering if jpx 825 pro or mp59s would be better for my game thanks

Taylormadefan1996 says:

I’m not tired its more the fact that I keep thinking about how good my score might be, then start making bogeys , miss short putts etc

Jamie Mcfaull says:

Hi mark. I am 15 and been playing golf for just under a year. I am a 15hcp. Could you do a video on possible golf careers from being a teaching pro or being on tour. Love your vids mark. Cheers.

Ryan W says:

How do you push your right knee forward? when i rotate my hips it feels like my left hip is going straight back and my right knee is being pulled forward as a result. Should I be pushing or is the left hip pulling the same thing? I am a right handed golfer.

Ryan W says:

Do you bring something to eat? That usually helps me.

Taylormadefan1996 says:

Ye i do bring food . the main thing is I get nervous and then start to hit a few bad shots

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