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Thanks to @John Erickson
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Mark Nikaj says:

@JohnErickson great content. I've watched a lot of Bradley Hughes' stuff years ago. Considering you two share many similar swing ideologies, are you a proponent of a weaker grip with the ball more forward in your stance along with, more importantly, this idea of the 4:30 swing path to impact that Hughes teachers? Thanks!

joe d says:

Brendon, I think u should contact and look up Jim Venetos. His unique take on the swing kinda would help with this lesson u had here.

Martin Dowling says:

Wonderful insights and great to see the synergy with Dr Kwon. My question is that given I am not going to trade my new ping g425 for a 16 ounce persimmon with an iron shaft, what are the adjustments needed to feel the hogan swing with a lighter modern club?

swingking83 says:

It’s odd to me that John is talking about Hogan loading into the right leg but Al distinctly said Hogan left weight on the left side. So it’s hard for me to believe what John is saying when some one who was with Hogan says something completely different

Djedi says:

John, great stuff. I love this approach. Question, wouldn't it be better, if we are trying to maintain shaft flex, to use reg/firm shafts instead of really stiff? It would seem to me the weaker shaft would bend more and be able to hold it longer? What am I missing?
Thank you again.

Ron Hobbs says:

Makes perfect sense but wonder how good it is when hitting out of thick wet Bermuda rough?

vince guest says:

Right wrist extension and incredible wrist flexibility along with sublime rotation.

ultimatejay says:

Actually Moe Norman was the greatest ball striker of al time. He hit it perfectly straight every time. 15 hole in ones and shot 59 three times and countless wins in Canada. He just had mental issues that kept him from sweeping the PGA

Sal says:

moe norman swing just as good, PGA should be ashamed what they did to that gentle soul

dry509 says:

On the driver it doesn’t look like a short backswing?

dry509 says:

Is this the swing that you teach or are you just demonstrating Hogans swing?

Jordan neufeld says:

Curious if your familiar with Bill Mehlhorn and his technical and your thoughts ? Hogan said he was the straightest from tee to green! Thanks so much

RJ M says:

This method (definitely increases accuracy) seems to put more force on the ground, the spikes are getting ripped off the soles, it needs stronger golf shoes.

Desert Golf Academy says:

Hi John, is there anyway of modifying any "new equipment" to get to increase the overall mass of the club without destroying the play ability of the club?

Gorden Scottfan says:

Hogan must roll over in his grave every time someone tries to explain his swing, maybe as many times someone tells you what Moe Norman did….

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