How To Stop Swinging Over The Top In the Golf Swing

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PGA Golf Professional Andy Proudman analyses a golf swing and demonstrates a great drill to help you stop swinging over the top to stop your slice. http://ww…


ehlefty says:

Finally found a drill that makes sense to me and helps me from swinging
over the top. Thanks!

Meandmygolf says:

The number one priority is to make sure the face is squaring at impact! If
you are over the top, i would have you firstly closing the face so that you
see the ball go left. This will the give you the confidence to sing to the
right. If you don’t address the face issue you will keep coming over. Is
your bad shot a slice?

monkeybreeks jov says:

Hello, I have tried this on the range and had many lessons where Pro has
told me to do this to stop coming over the top but i still continue to pull
the hands down as i just cannot get the feeling of letting the body take
the club and hands through the gate. What should I feel; I have been at
this for 3 years and just cannot seem to get it. I have a degree so I am
not entirely stupid and I was a decent athlete ast football and taekwondo.

GoDoubleVision says:

great stuff

CaptainAndrewWiggins says:

nice. i will try to swing in-to-out. but what i found interesting what that
the face must be closed a lot more. why is this? [coz otherwise there will
be massive push fades and shanks?]

Meandmygolf says:

Thanks. Glad you like our videos!

benbirdie561 says:

Monkeybreeks,sounds like your not lining up your lead shoulder square to
target.try this,first line up with rear foot to square club to
step in to the (batters box)with lead foot while looking at landing line lead shoulder to same zone;now swing club back holding lead
shoulder threw once you feel you have the power stored to get
there.rotate just your wrist back to target line while holding shoulder on
target line.try this might be your new “start routine”

Craig Miles says:

graet video guys love that you analyse a golf swing and demonstrate a drill
to help hope you do moor thanks guys

gmetcalf18 says:

Is it possible an upright lie angle is causing good swings to go left? I’ve
used your drill at the range and the ball starts nice and straight flies
high but then 100 yards out it starts going left and doesn’t stop. I’ve got
my old irons that are more flat, but have more offset and I hit them much
much better than my new irons which are more upright by about 3-4* Im
playing Miura 501CB and I play to around an 8 so I’m not a pro but I’m not
struggling to break 100 but I can’t figure this out

Meandmygolf says:

I totally agree that path influences face, especially when you swing over
the top. However, just because you change the path of the golf club doesn’t
mean you will automatically change the face as you will have developed a
strong motor pattern in that area. In my years of coaching, face directly
influences plane. Face is usually the cause and a poor swing plane is the

TheGolfdaily says:

Great instruction..

Pieter Breyd says:

Ultimately Karen is swinging with her arms. If she can start the downswing
with the lower body ie a lateral and circular movement this will cause her
arms to naturally drop onto and along the swing plane and not come over the
top. This is the primary cause and not necessarily an open club face. The
club face issues can be addressed when she has mastered the correct swing

Meandmygolf says:

If the ball is spinning to the right then the face is open to the path. All
we are trying to do here is match the two up so that we can create a more
neutral ball flight. Ensuring that you rotate the face through the ball
will help to change the path also.

monkeybreeks jov says:

My irons from 6 to 8 are slight controlled draw. My driver is very high
slice (12 degree loft driver), but usually 7/10 is a huge hook. I think I
need to subscribe to your pages. I already read most of your 225 lessons re
hooking, lag, wrists, etc. My long irons are awful. This is not an easy
game. Cheers.

Ki Moon says:

Quality instruction. Really enjoy your teachings!

Meandmygolf says:

The club face has the most influence on the starting direction of the golf
ball so even if the path is to the right, if the club face is pointing left
of target at impact, the ball can start left and curve more left.

mojojojo1980 says:

I find imagining the golf ball as a clock face helps in conjunction with
this drill. Imagine 12 o’clock is the furthest point away from you at
address and then try and feel that you are coming into the ball at the 4
o’clock position through impact. I helps for me, hope it help you too.

monkeybreeks jov says:

Recently started doing 20 balls at range just to get the face turning and
it is slowly helping; will keep on doing this to try to get consistency,
cos i hit probably hit headcovers 3 times out of 20 as i still find it
difficult to try not to pull club down with hands. Will keep practising.

Jonathan W Golf says:

Great drills. Thanks for sharing.

rayner1399 says:

The club-face release is in correlation with the swing-path, so an
over-the-top action ( out-to-in swing path) will result in a person holding
the club-face off!!! it’s a natural response, so the ball doesn’t go
farther left!!! correct the club-path first and then the natural response
will be to release the club-head more!!!! to fix the club-release first is
wrong and will create a lot of frustration for the pupil. It’s a case of
cause-and-effect!!! the swing-path controls club-head release!!

Kurt Justin says:

EASY, lay down the clubs and simply walk away ha

Meandmygolf says:

Yes if your lie angle is too upright it can cause the ball to go left. Have
you hit any shots using lie tape on the bottom to see how the club is being

eoinoc83able says:

Good video and well explained. I don’t want to seem like a smart ass but
how can you start the ball to the left if you are swinging to the right?

Yabi18 says:

Tried your tip and I kept hitting the cover on the left. I know my swing is
over the top, what is the best way to fix this? Is the step change one you
would suggest

bens grandad says:

Nice explanation but if you are an over the topper the first body move from
the top dictates everything about that golf shot .if you havnt got the
co.ordination to start with the hips or drop the right shoulder you are
always gonna struggle (don’t I know it).if you can invent a key to this you
will be the most popular man on planet golf.keep up the great vid,s

Dickie Hood says:

Great drill. Thanks Andy. Had to dash out to rescue head cover once or
twice but looking at demo I think my gate was too narrow so front marker
caught by shaft angle…. Now striking a lot better

james eadie says:

I struggle to play off 13 handicap, and I have the same problem as Karen,
but this is only with my driver, any tips greatly appreciated. PS don’t say
don’t use my driver 

tony t. says:

another good video, thanks

brofun says:

I have found lately that if I make my back swing wide, away from me..then
at the top, I have more of a feel of coming down and thru rather than over
the top! Not sure why..but it has really helped me to get that feel of
directing the power down and thru.

Matthew Collins says:

Jees, the old put something in the way drill. Never achieves much. Its lazy
teaching for me

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