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Chris Ryan shows you some simple putting drills that can help you stop 3 putting during your rounds.

3 putting can be one of the most frustrating parts of the game, but in this short video Chris shows you a drill that you can do from long distance to improve your lag putting and pace control, then some advice on how you can improve your short putts.

Put these two together and you will be able to reduce the number of 3 putts and lower your scores.

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roobylater says:

Hi Chris, I find myself sitting back at address very much, having my hip much more behind my ankles if you were drawing a line down the leg. To me this seems to even worsen the problem I have with early extension, would you agree. Do you think that's worth a video?

Stephen Whitley says:

This was exactly what I needed. Deltawhiskey4

PC says:

Thanks Chris

Steven Roos says:

This is one of my issues thanks for the outstanding content again Chris.

B2B Bogey says:

So important to Think as you said about the process. Even if you miss it you made the putt because you followed the process. And if you keep doing that you'll be well off in the long run.

John says:

Chris if you would do a favor for all Jordan Spieth fans send this video to him so he is able to start winning again,love the vid simple and true.People start subscibing not just watch

Mark Kirk says:

Great vid Chris, follows on from your videos last year, it works, now doing more 1 putt holes, still the odd 3 putt on holes on a slope and you are 4ft to the side, any help on these ones?

mr red says:

Thanks it really helps me get closer to the hole on the longer putts and sinking all of the 1 to 3 foot putts. I always miss the 3 foot putts. Thank You Chris!

BeachBow says:

I played a new course on Friday and the greens were wicked quick. I'd start on the line, but the ball was running way quicker than I'd anticipated. I did get it figured out on the back. Just a slow learner I guess. JM2C

David Lewis says:

Recently had a problem with putting from range. Used this drill in today's medal and left all my long putts within less than 2feet. Will persevere with the technique. Thanks Chris.

Larry Letcher says:

Another very good video Chris. Thanks. The spot putting tip was a good reminder of how to get the put rolling smoothly instead of focusing on the hole.

Christopher J Kim says:

As always, great video!

Larry Letcher says:

Gotta share this Chris. Recently had a personal best on the course thanks to your instruction videos. 18/18 fairways and a personal best score of 65 w/ (my handicap of course.)

darren spring says:

Good practical advice Chris. Thanks.

Jack Tate says:

Best way to stop 3 putting is get the ball nearer the hole with your approach shot 😀

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