How to Shoot a Soccer Ball with Power | Vollspann Tutorial | freekickerz

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How to Kick like Gerrard & Frank Lampard (Driven Power Shot) Shooting with Instep & Laces – Vollspann Schuss mit viel Kraft In diesem Video lernt ihr, wie ih…


Indigo Frappuccino says:

You really shouldn’t insult people.

lisa mcelroy says:

how do I control the curve on the ball

XDEATHK0 says:

what is your high guys??

Luis Lopez says:

doesnt matter, a great player never stops improving…

Prateek Kulhari says:

Can you do a tutorial on finesse shots (curls) from just outside the box ?

Indigo Frappuccino says:

Yes you can…it just takes practice that’s all 🙂

TheImazombie says:

Just practice. I recommend having the ball pump the same as the ball you
use in your under 15 matches. Then once you have that sorted try kicking
into a wall or goal as hard as you can. Once you have your power sorted try
applying the same power but trying to kick the ball up. If you struggle on
improving your shot power check out STR skill school. There is a tutorial
on how you can improve shot power

Potato Love says:

Lol right

Indigo Frappuccino says:

What you said was really unnecessary. There was no need to be rude; after
all, he wasn’t asking you anyway. You should learn to respect other people
or just get off the internet.

Shaan Mahajan says:

WWatch my videos guys there about soccer so you definitely will enjoy them

IGoStealth says:

why isn’t this dude a famous soccer player yet?

Karka a says:

Thanks for cool tutorial 🙂

Aidan Wilson says:

why the fuck do you care, guy looks middle aged, so he can’t play some

Amir Alosawy says:

Wie machz man ein dip

Evan Nawfal says:

He sat sits wrong when you kick it with your lace even when it’s write

Joe Maanak says:

please not plaese

Zach Esparza says:

Mary Kate and Ashley!

MANUTDSTAR1999 says:

So you found something else to decimate the English with… nice (y) (:

Fail pedia says:


TransAMZ31 says:

my left ear enjoyed this

Daniel Leyva says:

the foot contact area is a little inaccurate, look at the drawing of the
adidas predator, the X should be in the yellow part, not in the laces

Conor Higgins says:

When I shoot, I usually destroy the toe on my football boots, can you name
a pair that could prevent this?

Ethan Amasula says:

Super helpful! My shooting skills have really improved just by following
your tutorials! Thanks so much! Freekickerz ftw!!! 😀

Diablo King says:

He may be a football team Coach and he want’s to teach his boys how to
shoot .-.

Luke Baes says:

Dude your so old…why do you want to know? Your muscles are probably super
stiff that you will really kick like a noob?

Nacho Camus says:

lack of opportunitties maybe, its really hard to become a famous football

Jojo f. says:

Video war tolle Hilfe, danke!!! Eine frage: welchen Schuh benützt ihr am
liebsten oder in spielen, oder einfach mal so zum kicken?

Baar Chalamish says:

The 1000 to comment hh

Luigi Cerban says:

where is the tutorial?

The Mystical Ace says:

Google ‘Thigh/Leg Workouts’ Certain exercises such as weighted squats are
brilliant, just make sure you don’t over train, don’t expect to see results
over night.

Exequiel Catalan says:

podrías venir a Chile a probar quien puede atajar tus remates a portería.

thrylos1997 says:


RespectHardGaming says:

Can you translate in french please plaese plaese (Im french)

Jebroski says:

thanks alot

john stephens says:

do you guys own the turf fields or are they in your city for public use?

Rich Ditch says:

I wonder what happened to the ball they shot over.

jayz kicking says:

This very help me thx

Eduardo Ortega says:

How to have a atrong foot hope you answer

Mawile says:

i ahte my couch i do the exact same thing that they do right and im on
defence but he says i need to work on my kicking even though it goes half
the feild….

Absame Omar says:

Ggv vg ugh ggv

Nujjitoza says:

never too old for football

Kevin Jacob says:

english dude english

411alphabet says:

is there anyway you could do a top 5 saves of the week?

Abdullah Al Kabra says:

How loose should my foot be after the follow through

Indigo Frappuccino says:

You need to keep your ankle locked until the ball is out of your
possession. This creates better aim and impact.

FlyingNimbus says:

Practice shooting from different angles.

wizardsgren says:

training with medicin ball

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