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This video is about how to stop hitting behind the ball in golf. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.







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herbie4u2009 says:

What about those of us with back hip Problems? I was hunched over my putts like he shows here, but it was just killing my lower back hip. So I went and purchased the longest legal putter I cud get. Must be at least 42 inches. Much less pressure on my back putting. Cuzco of the pain being hunched over I cud never totally concentrate on the putt. My mind was on the pain in my back. So being hunched over putting does not work for everyone.

Casey Kelso says:

@ 1:10 your putt didnot start directly toward your pin,if i had a straight edge,you would why say aim for that pin you set up, not understanding your teachings,looks like your pin should have been 3 feet closer, that way the DIRECT shot as you speak of would have hit that mark (line of sight)…then continue to hook is same great fashion ! not getting it watched 100 times lol

Andrew Roberts says:

Thanks Adam. Do you advocate square to square or arc putting?

bwcurmudgeon says:

Your vids are the most helpful and SIMPLE that I have seen. I have picked up many tips.

Lawrence says:

Looking at old film of Nicklaus, he is not only bent over, his head is already rotated to the left looking down his line. Like he is behind the ball with his eyes. Am I wrong? Why don’t the pros do that today?

ajh21313 says:

Mr. Bazelgette, my daughter is 5'2 using a 36 inch putter. Seems as though i've thought she stands too upright… What would you recommend for a girl that size? Thank you

Anne Dineen says:

Very helpful about using only head to swivel as you look at ball/hole. You explain things very clearly! Thanks

FLYBOY123456789 says:

great tip…useful and practical…thanks.

Perusing Person says:

What the hell are you talking about?

Rik Datta says:

Great video, great tuition. And the part about having a putter that's the correct length for you, is so important.

Marco SIlva says:

Great content

Paul schulz says:

How to hit a straight putt yes but that is not on greens in west yorkshire , OURS ARE NOT FLAT MY MOTHER COULD PUTT ON FLAT GREENS .

Varun Boss says:

This is awesome

John Kostohryz says:

This is a great video!!! Well done.

jaguar231 says:

Enjoyed the putting video – I lose a lot of strokes on the green – but one thing drives me bonkers. There is NO such competition as the British Open in golf. It is The Open.

kris rasmusn says:

no value in the first 48 seconds. Then it is alright, even though it was still pretty wordy

Gary Buckley says:

This wrong very wrong

Gary Buckley says:

Jack was never a good putter

Brendan Manning says:

Great lesson. Being over helps me

Jessica Anderson says:

Many times the putt is straight. You usually got to putt a little to the left when going downhill.
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Scratch Golf Academy says:

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