How to Putt Better in Golf – Golf Putting Tips

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If your golf putting stroke needs some work, this putting drill is one of the best golf putting tips to help your short game, and will teach you how to putt better in golf immediately!

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Usually the best golf tips are the simplest ones, and this drill helps you work on your putting stroke with a simple Sharpie.

While your golf putting stroke mechanics are much slower and more deliberate than a full golf swing, it still is a swing nonetheless. One of the most overlooked aspects of your putting stroke path is the angle of attack.

To do the golf drill, simply put a Sharpie (or any relatively flat round object) behind your putter setup, probably 6-8 inches. Make your putting backstroke, and see how the putter head moves in the backswing.

Many amateur golfers will tend to keep the putter low to the ground, which will cause you to hit the Sharpie on the takeaway. Usually this results in a more upward putting stroke at impact, resulting in a popped up golf ball that skids and rolls poorly.

This is one of the simplest golf drills to help amateurs get a better putting stroke analysis to help them deliver a more consistent strike on their putts.

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Kaden Ross says:

Thank you this drill helped me so much! I’m a young beginner and my dream is to be like you and be a pro some day and your channel helps me and motivates me to get there one day!

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