How To Make Faster Changes To Your Golf Swing

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How to make faster changes to your golf swing. Piers Ward and Andy Proudman talk about how to make faster changes to your swing and share their system of how…


LilFinga says:

do you guys change into blue and white for the videos or do you always wear these colours?

meandmygolf says:

Staff uniform! Gotta look the part in the videos too;).

Jesus Paras says:

when i practice i try to get all the static changes right first (setup, Posture). Pause. Then think about one change i want to address on the backswing, the one change on the forward as i am doing them. So I think of 2 things during the swing.

Ki Moon says:

Great video!

kioskoelmoro says:

Porfi ver este video-kiosko de juan- espero que os guste gracias

parmib says:

Good info boys…keep up

Lee Collinson says:

no just no

Bluecrew27 says:

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Gerard Ezinwoke says:

That actually is one the best pieces of swing thought advice Ive ever heard so thanks very much for that! Im pretty athletic and In my down swing I tend to “fire” “rotate” my hips to quickly and hence will “slice” the ball. Can you please suggest one “MUST DO” for my downswing hip movement that might help me get the right sequence in my down swing…Cheers

meandmygolf says:

Hi Gerard. Thanks for the comment. It’s very difficult to give you a “must do” without seeing your swing. What I would say is that its great that you fire the hips and already sounds like you have a good sequence. The key thing I would say is to find a way to square the face. Remember if you are slicing, the face must be open so focus your attention on ball flight. Sometimes we can get too into thinking about the body and we forget about changing the ball flight.

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