How to Improve Your Running Form: The 5 Biggest Mistakes Beginning Marathoners Make

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balancedrunner says:

Hope it went well, Carly.

balancedrunner says:

My training is completely different from his. I’m a Feldenkrais
practitioner, so I’ve been through four years of training in movement
(including gait) and motor learning. The Feldenkrais Method isn’t just for
running, it’s used for anyone who has movement-related problems including
cerebral palsy, MS, Parkinson’s, and traumatic injury. (continued….)

balancedrunner says:

For some reason, biomechanists studying running do not generally consider
the counterrotation of the trunk known to be essential for walking and
running, and what that means for arms. Even Steve Magness. I don’t know why
that is but I suspect it has to do with taking a narrow focus on legs since
they seem to be the relevant part for running, and also the fact that they
are overly specialized and sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees. My
clients have included Olympian Jen Rhines, BTW.

IaintASIAN says:

I find making a circular motion with my hands near my chest, almost like
swimming while running works best. Try it, I run an 8:40 1.5 mile



balancedrunner says:

Yes, ultimately that is what works best for distance. Check out our other
videos and the articles on our website to read more about how it comes
about and why it works.

Olivor Norton-Whenman says:

Thanks this vid really helps got my best time 15.52 for 2 miles I’m happy

TheFriedmund says:

Arms sideways? No way. Also, the voice over says typical useful advice but
the video is terrible.

balancedrunner says:

Thank you for your comments. Care to explain your arms comment so others
can benefit?

balancedrunner says:

Thrilled to hear it!

jack welch says:

thanx my mile time went from 7:50 to 5:50 from the tips

josefhello2 says:

Lol i hope this help tomorrow for me because i got cross country and my
lowest time it 17:02!!!

balancedrunner says:

Fantastic! Thanks for letting us know.

TheFriedmund says:

For distance runners, the excessive lateral movement we see in Julia
results in energy expenditure. Lateral and vertical movement are to be
reduced to a minimum. The pelvic rotation must also be minimal. strong
core, especially a strong transversus abdominus and strong gluteal region
guarantee a relaxed slight pelvic rotation for balance.

TheFriedmund says:

The most important thing for efficient, injury free running form is fast
turnover and pelvis parallel to the line extending from the ankles to the
head, the famous pelvic tilt. Crossing arms at the midsection results in
fatigue and eventual loss of good running form.

TechMoviesOfCod says:

I honestly saw no difference in the way the lady was running so this was no

balancedrunner says:

Well yes, we are familiar with the conventional wisdom on this subject.
However it doesn’t take into account the role of the spine in gait.
Movements in the frontal and transverse planes help us use our legs well,
and inhibiting them doesn’t save energy, it wastes it. When we teach our
clients to allow the essential trunk counter-rotation they often PR
immediately. They also use their glutes better; restricting rotation
interferes with glute function, tightens IT bands, and slows runners down.

BK FL says:

Do you have any respiration suggestions?

Sameep Pandey says:

thanks. your idea is nice and the techniques are helpful but he movements
are not clear in the video. I hope you improve the video.

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merajis says:

I don’t see a difference in the way she runs!!

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SPNetossy says:

I healstrike alot :(( it feels so lame to have no energy left and lame lame
because of these damn impact.

blackprincess82 says:

Hi there- I am dog.. I am on Master computer.. I run golf course when
Master at work.. Any tips?

balancedrunner says:

Most people need a more nuanced approach, Tyler. Maybe you too.

Tyler Kaye says:

noooo, pain is the bitch leaving your body.

balancedrunner says:

Sorry dog, we help bipedal runners only.

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