How to Improve Your Golf Swing : Tips for Improving Golf Swing Mechanics

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Hit longer and more accurate drives with the tips in this video. Learn the basics to improve your swing mechanics in this free online video golf lesson. Expe…


JoelCharron1991 says:

can this guy even break 80 lol hahaha!

claptonsolo1 says:

This guy is promoting something other than a proper golf swing. Must be a reject from the Special Olympics for Golf tryouts. Go get a PGA education and then talk to us!!!

rewfunk says:

this guys having a laugh i watched the rest of his vids and havnt seen him make a decent contact yet! im no pro but fu?!k me!!!

Nikki8489 says:

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, wow, you are awesome! You should start teaching the pros! How hard did you laugh when he fell over, haha ‘it’s gonna teach me things.’ What is he on about?!

Klingonmastr says:

Don’t worry this guy has some good tips. Don’t listen to the other dipsticks who think they are better than this guy. LOL

pte61kelly says:

I got a hole in one using the off balance system 😉

callestropp says:

lol hes “real shot” where really lousy too, no power what so ever

weily23 says:

wow, terrible

Justin Loomis says:

Do his shots sound thin to anyone else? I don’t know, it just seems like he isn’t catching it pure. I’ve seen some of his other videos and none of them are really all that helpful. I get better help by feeling my swing on the range anyway. If you really wanna hit better shots just go hit balls at the range. That’s how I figured out what feels best for me. I might not be tour caliber, but I play to a 6.3 and that’s good enough for me.

777caleb777 says:

in what miniature golf lol

golfmaniac007 says:

WOW!!……this is an instructions from the book called “How to break 120”

jsnptrk81 says:

thanks for reminding me…south park’s on!

3a57a3a3 says:

Assistant…reading the ‘Bible’ to everyone.
Go away.

crapontheworld says:

just hold your finish thats all you do, you you hold kind like a lady not to loose not to tite, just hold your finish. thats all you do.

emncaity says:

Expert = just about anybody with a camera, now.

ReTaRdAtIoNiSbLaTaNt says:

u ppl r fkn CUNTZ!!!!
How bout u got 15mins 2 suk ur mum or im gonna open u up, then stretch ur wifes fkn pussy, cos shes only use 2 small dicks U TWAT!!!

eddie Butt says:

Great tip I used to play of 18 but after watching your video I now play off +2 this is the best lesson on YouTube well done

timmydman87 says:


mo1234321 says:


SirKaz7 says:


titantim27 says:

this guy is wank.

robinzhao1999 says:


drummerkingmike says:

lol, now I hate spam as much as the next guy…. but dude….!

ReTaRdAtIoNiSbLaTaNt says:

yea but what blud ???

bwil415 says:

is there stuffing in his pants or are his legs just that fat?

jbc3817 says:

how hard are you trying to cut the ball? haha i think your grip is too weak hence you being really open at address

Erik Solberg says:

Yet another Expert Village FAILLLLLL

lemonpatty says:

holding a finish…

how bout phil mickleson fukwit

some people dont have brains

wiiboy456 says:

lol… his voice reminds me of the teacher from South Park… mmmkay. haha

atje nasir says:

Your position, I think it was not correct..and your grip is slightly weak,,,see you the way that you strike the ball..

itBchrisP says:

expertvillage really sucks!

drh9379 says:

blah blah blah. go to video jug i understood that one better lol. this geezer rabbits too bloody much

maisuya says:

exactly! this vid is lame

badgolfer128 says:

Epic Fail

MrGolfpro65 says:

An old golf buddy of mine (pro) has a pretty good program out guaranteed to get ya under 80. golferbreak80dotcom

mcdonaldskilledme123 says:

i fucking hate that saying

shadowassasin123 says:

This video wasn’t that great. A instruction can be found here at this website
h tt p://w w w. squi do o.c om/t he-si mple-golf-swing-revie ws

getfreegolftips says:

This is super helpful. I use a few of these tips and they have helped me a lot. This video is really well done thanks for sharing it. Everyone should take note of these tips!

I found some other great tips for driving check them out in my profile!

healthnut4life48 says:

The key to lowering your handicap is the stretch, check out the golf specific TRAINERmat at


bens grandad says:

swing the club and hold your finish-its as simple as that -and i have spent thousands on lessons and new clubs-bugger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pensiontransfer says:

Classic !

turtnip says:

ehhh. I’m not taking tips from this guy…

joerges1 says:

hahahaha this guy rocks hahahaha NOT!!!!!!!!!!

isaiah431819a says:

I bet this guy rarely breaks 80…

bredies says:

This has go to be the most confusing instruction I have seen. I doubt anyone can walk away from this with any clarity!

DaygosTommyT says:

thumbs up if you thought this was EXPERT village, not ROOKIE village

VexDeseil says:

I just couldn’t get past his pants

midfielderlegend says:

He has the worse swing!!!! i came here to get tips and become better not worse!!!!

Isadora Chana says:

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