How to Improve Your Golf Swing : How to Spin a Shot in Golf

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Get tips on how to put a backspin on your golf ball in this free golfing lesson on video, with techniques for improving your swing and your golf game. Expert…



thats impossible ya nimrod.

Jon Freese says:


southpaw097 says:


Mahmoud Mousavidehshikh says:

When I impart spin on the ball, and I’m not a pro by any means (hdcp 9), I
usually just hit the ball cleaner. Obviously things like uphill lies,
hitting into the wind, hitting off a tee, et cetera, will help shots spin
more than usual. This guy doesn’t help people in any way. Better advice
from him would have been, strike the ball first and try to hit it clean (as
in, not fat and not too thin). For the average golfer like myself, hitting
the ball clean is the best way IMO.

tommy8370 says:

Wow? You are really sensitive when it comes to golf huh? You want to
improve your game….try relaxing.

Micah Blouin says:

He said “Actually” 20 times. Language is powerful when used properly.

huhlol17 says:

hi lol

TofurkeyMan says:

Callaway’s are known for their spin, but warbirds spin less then any of the
HX balls. They will still spin though, especially if your hitting a vokey.
Vokey’s have the most spin of any wedge, Callaway and cleveland spin quite
a bit too, but vokey’s are the best.

Nick Rogers says:

Thats in stockton

Avery Hammonds says:

anyone count how many times he said “actually”?

GST1974 says:

wow, why so many negative comments? If you guys are so good then why bother
watch videos at all? If you disagree at least explain why without all this
childish profanity.

AussieRosie says:

I totally agree with you…..

kobbsno10 says:

Who the fuck did the subtitles for this video!!? Basically this video is
actually crap!!

John Tray says:


Tips4You3 says:

anyone who really wants to consistentley learn spin follow this open your
club face more and pull straight up on your follow through as apposed to
full out follow through

sulakleo says:

you can skip the first 2 minutes of this.

faintwhitenoise says:

Where did he learn to play golf if not in the US?

brycen lechner says:

sorry for trying to learn…

redtippmann says:

thanks! I tryed this today and it helped!

cleanerimage4u says:

anytime im trying to get a nice spin on a ball… i use a club with deep,
sharp grooves, a soft ball, and a faster down swing… works well for me…
i dunno

tapsbetch says:

ur incorrect

aolservant says:

Okay, lets say you’re behing a sand trap, the pin is right behind the sand
trap… It will roll AT LEAST 5 ft past the hole. At that point is when you
want backspin.

01stephen10 says:

Whats your handicap faggot, DOWNSYNDROME

Zach Solomon says:

dont listen to him,moving your wrists is the worst thing you can possibly
do in golf, my tip for spinning the ball is: keep your wrists straight, hit
the ball harder then usuall but hit under the ball, and always hit the ball
first. I took me a while to get used to but every now and then ill chip it
in, most of the time it’s within 1-3 feet of the hole from about 5-50 yards.

Danny Davis says:

Dude, the loft of the club doesn’t make more spin, when u hit a higher
lofted club it lands softer and it needs less spin to actually come back.
“ExpertVillage” yeah right

csmitty555 says:

u also have a cool username pussy

Tips4You3 says:

I AGREE 100% I PERSONALLY HATE EXPERTVILLAGE way too many pointless 1 min
vids its sooooo annoying cuz they hire people on things they know minimal
details on amen to what your saying

a0p0h0 says:

good call these little fags that say this are probably 12 yr old fat asses
that have never touched a club

abrogarxxx says: 14 and lets see whos better?

Weststars9 says:

@boompower100 hey dumbass sice your so talented. how about you make a
tutorial. Also why would you be watching this video if your so good.

abrogarxxx says:

…just groove your swing..take it easy..

BlackSilkKimono1993 says:

tommy mate , i play off a 3 handicap im not a pro and while i was a 17
handicap learned and perfected the backspin shot , people dont listen to
this guy if u get it right you’ll see your game improve drasticaly

TheGolfShank says:

Ok I don’t do any of that, I self taught myself and I just spin it by
hitting down on the ball more by dipping my left shoulder coming down on
the ball. It’s that simple..

bogeyhitter25 says:

im pretty sure tiger was born in the usa dipshit

Conor Scala says:

Actually, pro11ace, he said ‘actually’ 20 times! I actually counted how
many times he said ‘actually’. I was actually laughing my ass of when I was

dug321 says:

Releasing the club head as normal ? or leaving face open after striking the

Peyton Kelley says:

turn up the volume.

vexokiller says:

@1xXD4N13LXx1 YOU SIR, need to calm down

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