How to Improve Your Golf Swing : How to Improve Golf Swing Technique

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Gain more control over your golf game. Learn how to improve your golf swing technique in this free online video golf lesson. Expert: Glenn Amato Contact: www…


Drew Patenaude says:

And i am Vince Carter
IF u r a pro then why would you be watching videos on the internet about improving your golf swing?

teygrxx says:

Actually his is correct about “pinching” the ball between club head and turf for iron play. This creates alot of backspin and a higher arcing shot. Hit down on the ball… just be sure to make contact with the ball first. Something he failed to do in his example swing.

With that being said. I highly doubt he is a legit instructer as his setup seems terrible. Wide open. It’s alot easier to discuss a proper swing/contact than it is to actually perform it.

teygrxx says:

Also I dont like how he explains it. “hit front side of ball”. What works for me is thinking of slicing the back side of the ball off, but hey, whatever works for you.

vtwoo says:

if he was a pga pro he would get pants that fit he looks like mc hammer

quacklovestess says:

your also full of shit, you forgot to add that on the end

quasiphatpaul says:

im not a pga pro but ive been playing for twenty years and have taken numerous lessons over the period and most pro’s call it “trapping” the ball

JohnMVarol says:

yea the clubs feels lighter but your tempo goes to shit. good one.

gilleojax says:

That’s 3 minutes of my life I’ll never get back … holy crap

T Brown says:

Worthless instruction…3 min of my life I will never get back

01ovon says:

ive been playing a year now and am having problems. Ive been told by others and my local pro that im “coming over the top” on my throughswing which is resulting in shanks. I cant hit the driver or woods at all. Please help

amb1982 says:

Is it me or is his front foot way to open?

ryanlitus says:

from the top of your swing (if your right handed) you should feel like when you begin to transfer your weight, you drop your right elbow into the side of your chest. That will cure your shanks by keeping you from starting too quickly with your upper body. As for the driver…. practice.

BauerONE95 says:

totally open front foot

Ben Holmes says:

wow, this guy is full of shit. it’s totally the loft of the club that gets the ball in the air.

4golfonline says:

Nice way to improve your golf swing technique!
I should take more lessons at exeter driving range.
Btw check out my golf videos!
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carzfan1 says:

thanks man, this helped me clear some of my flaws out!

Ryan Lawrence says:

this video is for people that dont know what golf is

Paulie661 says:

I’m sorry this could be the worst lesson I’ve ever heard & he cant  even break an egg.

hatecrap says:

quit crying about the 3 mins of life you wasted your life is worthless anyways

shortday63 says:

how can the club become ten times more lighter ?

WolfieTed says:

It would be one tenth as heavy I assume.

aaron6842 says:

As the club begins to build up speed and the left hip makes the first move down the target line before it turns backward, the width of the stance will hold up just fine. If you have a tendency to lose your balance, your stance might be to narrow. w w w (dot) golferbreak80 (dot) c0m

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cameltryde says:

pants just need to be ironed….get those seams straight…then hit better  lol

nicehax says:

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rorymcilroyfan5000 says:

why dont you just hold 2 irons together than buy a weight?

healthnut4life48 says:

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jknightglfr says:

WHAAA???? I am a scratch handicap and I honestly could hardly tell what he was talking about. Focus on one idea. You can’t talk about the entire golf swing in 3 and a half minutes, so why bother?

peartfaldo says:

Is this a joke???????

Tyler Dent says:

at 1:22 he said it feels 10 times lighter, cause it is….. no its not fucking dumbass !!!!!

Marketta Breuer says:

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Andrew Collins says:

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eli presley says:

thanks andrew collins…

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