How to Improve Your Golf Swing : Golf Swing Slice Correction Tips

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Get rid of that embarrassing slice! Learn how to correct a slice & improve your golf swing in this free online video golf lesson. Expert: Glenn Amato Contact…


boudville says:

Abit of a challenge to see a left handed player teaching coz i’m a right hander .. but i’ll try

flUmaRouS says:

You should have your village name changed to hopeless hackers village

daveo1962 says:

He should have been using upper hand and lower hand, and front leg and back leg instead of left and right.

boudville says:


semiauto25 says:

Your power is not from your left arm as a left handed baseball player.

stevesparks37 says:

hmm I guess this guy hasn’t gone thru puberty yet (2:24)

hktrashbin says:

This lefty is great ! He definitely said out the cause of my slice !

playdrums says:


Suhail Chandhok says:

thanks mate…..been looking for a lefty to do this…cheers

Freeskier55 says:

this video just makes things confusing. The most likely reason you slice is when you pull the club back you turn your wrists over meaning when you come down the face of the club will be open. don’t bend your wrists until the top of your swing. Videos make it confusing.

staas says:

thanks for a lefty fix

logandecker says:

no he’s right, golf and a baseball swing are different.

sakic666 says:

what if your left handed but shoot right, i have a horrible hook and i can fix it

slowmotion77 says:

great vid.

——> golfnfo.c0m <------------

slowmotion77 says:

great vid.

——> golfnfo.c0m <------------

thegolfingwiz says:

anyone who ever says straight back straight through is a complete idiot. His swing looked horrible and he took it fat. Please noone listen to this video. It will make you worse.

mxaa says:

thats what u want, its called a draw. try to aim more to the left of ur target.

tradeandbuy says:

slight draw eh? at least if your gonna make a instructional video try to take a couple takes so that you dont fuck up your shot thats supposed to go straight.



ausmox says:

Are you for real. If you listen to the “instructor” on this video you’re in for pain. The best way to fix a slice………..well it depends on your swing and 100s of contingencies. People like this guy shouldn’t be allowed to post as instructor when all they do is hinder.

rocc693 says:

This guy is a joke dont listen to him, he sliced it twice lol do everything opposite from this guy

sdfgolf says:

If you really want to cure your slice, train with the Helicopter golf training aid. It’s the only valid way to see by your self if you are slicing or hooking the ball.

Learn How to work properly with your hands and body in order to hit straight always!!

mikemunny says:

lmao ” a slight draw”….they both went left…keep workin pal

Johnniven1286 says:

Dude you have absolutly no idea of what your talking about.

slamminmissjackson says:

“The Basic Swing - Fix Your Slice” is basically instructing you to change your grip, that is all – and it is good advice to a novice

slamminmissjackson says:

dont listen to him when he describes how you produce your power in a golf swing and how that is different than baseball – fukin stupid

OnboardG1 says:

He isn’t wrong though. A change of grip can affect that quite a lot, although club setup affects it too.

Conor Loughran says:

he spent all that time and all he meant was getting the correct swing plane?leadbetter gives a drill that fixes that in like 30 seconds

smoothswinging14 says:

this expert village series is weak

Pringles18750 says:

this guy sucks

Ben Holmes says:

yeah, but when you bring it down and across, that’s where the hook comes in to play. learn your fundamentals better jackass

DSimp9472 says:

This guy is an idiot. You shouldn’t be powering with your arms…. that will cause a slice…. lol

elscdude says:


a8figureman says:

he is not wrong.;.. but he spent all that time and never said how to really fix it other than to swing down the target path and never told you how… Gateway to better golf explains all the swing errors and such…. you should check that out… i love steve bishops videos…

buckiman09 says:


Video is entirely innacurate and poorly done even at that. It’s all about earning money on views of the advertisement. As a result it contributes to the degradation of informative search results with a very incompetent feature. This hurts expert village’s rep.

healthnut4life48 says:

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GolfCallaway150 says:

i think im coming across the ball and its causing my ball to go to straight then start slicing how do i fix that.

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