How to Improve Golf Driving Distance

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Please leave comments on my golf swing. Any suggestions are welcome on how I can gain more distance.


neoPelagian says:

Oh – I see what you’ve done, you have put together a swing in real time followed by a slow-mo immediately afterwards.

That’s clever.

I love your avatar,

must resist……..


hoity-toity, namby-pamby, fannying about.

Edward Smith says:

The answer to you question isn’t simple I’m afraid, although I’ve noticed some areas you can work on to gain more distance (without losing accuracy) to me you look to upright in you posture (at attention) keep the club pointing at your belt and about a hand width away (this will keep your swing plane central to your body, and help you gather power behind the ball), it nice to see your transition of your weight from left to right however

Edward Smith says:

on reviewing your swing you are losing a lot of power in the transition from your upswing to downswing (just by lifting your left leg) if you open your feet/legs more and keep that left foot on the ground as much as possible (pointing your left foot forward not left or “open” as it sometimes called) this will add yards to your distance. This works by you back generating the power not the legs – a good drill is to get to clubs 7 and 8 for example and swing them both together

Edward Smith says:

again this will provide a natural swing that naturally add yards.

It will take time and practice, keep with it. Your ball striking is good by the way.

techNbassChannel says:

dont lift your left heel

dabrewser says:

sell your clubs and buy a bowling ball

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