How to ice skate: How to put over the boot tights over skates

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Here is my current request list: 1) Simple/Complex Footwork Sequence 2) Backspin 3) Spiral positions. 4) Basic moves. 5) Clap Waltz 6) Flying Camel 7) Gettin…


grace che says:

@jazzypinkprincess12 umm… so you wont damage your boot while skating…
and theyre not ugly…

kkrivers79 says:

To tell you the truth,Gina,I am a man of the old-school. And I’m the type
of person that prefers tradition. I remember when female skaters always
shown the white skate boot look on TV whenever it was aired. As for
over-the-boot tights,that is a trend,and back then you would never see
those tights in competition unless it was a professional one. I’m just
saying that I feel that the OTB tights would one day destroy the
traditional look of white skates if this is left unchecked.

StellaVanderqqch says:

I think it’s more beautiful to see the skate…

kkrivers79 says:

For 13 years,I have done research on the over-the-boot tights. And here are
some interesting facts. Did you know that they were first worn by Anna
Galmarini in 1966 during the Ice Capades and Holiday On Ice era?

John Loring says:

She has a cute accent and nice brown hair and eyes.

Gina10179202 says:

Unfortunately, after so much training, boots are rarely crisp and white! 🙂
Mine are actually covered in blood, mainly, and while I understand that
they can be cleaned, there are still scratches that can’t be wiped off. On
the inside of my right boot the white has totally worn down from dragging
my foot across the ice. Of course, not all skates are as bad as mine, and
opinions differ, but that’s the way I see it. 🙂

Stephanie Leong says:

Why are some tights footed while others are over the boot? Whats the

SuperPloom says:

I don’t have those clips on my boot tights, but I had some little hooks and
eyes in the package or thing where the tights came in. I haven’t sewed them
on, because I think my tights stay over the boot without them too. Or
should i sew the hooks on ?

JBgymnast says:

So they have A&F in GB? Haha that’s awesome! I’ve always wondered!xD

rainieloveyu says:

Why are they covered in blood?? O_O! im starting skating lessons this

xwithaflourishx says:

hey, i was wondering what happened to the basic one foot spin request on
your list? it was supposed to be next =] thanks!

loveYouSkating says:

OH thx for this video it really help ! Now i know how to do thx very much

Gina10179202 says:

The video is done, it will be uploaded soon.

Gina10179202 says:

@iceskatingflutist No, I have towels on the ground. 🙂

Gina10179202 says:

Yep, I’m serious. People actually requested it. When people request videos,
I don’t question their motives, I just do it. That’s my job.

Gina10179202 says:

Apparently, it keeps your feet warmer. I don’t quite believe that. In
competition/tests, it covers up boots with scratches so they look nicer,
and it makes the skater’s legs look longer.

Gina10179202 says:

I did have that video up but it was removed due to inappropriate comments.

Mazdanutz says:

which part of england are you from?

Gina10179202 says:

You’re welcome!

iFigureSk8te1 says:

Where do u get your tites?

Gina10179202 says:

@figureskate919 In this video I had Risport RF3 boots, but since then I
have had Riedell 1500 HLS boots and now I have EDEA Ice Fly boots.

kbealove says:

No they aren’t ugly. You’re the one that who has no taste.

Gina10179202 says:

It would probably be just as it is now, but people would see less skates.
But that’s okay, because most figure skating fans already know what a skate
looks like.

Gina10179202 says:

I’m sure it wouldn’t have made too much difference, as you barely see more
than my ankles.

SleepOverGirls11 says:

thx for the advice

Camille Jaira Rebadomia says:

is the blade not that sharp?

Sheryl S. says:

ive always wondered about those over the boot tights thanks 

Figure Skater Wendy says:

I wear knee high skating socks when I skate, what would I wear if I used
those tights ??? Please answer ASAP 

Sophie Seal says:

Cool thx so much for the help cause of you and tutorial I got an idea for
boot covers

Celestine Truong says:

Where are your blade guards? The floor will damage your feet

The5streetThe says:

I bought new ice skates and im just a beginner.. so should i get these or
the boot covers, since i’m worried that i’ll ruin my ice skates or should i
just not use anything? .. and also isit okay to skate with just the normal
thing you wear in legs but with the boot cover? or do they wear it only in

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