How to Hit Down for a Better Golf Swing

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Close Get A Golf Swing Like Tiger Woods! Lengthen your Drive and Cut your Handicap by 7-12 Strokes in Just Two weeks.” You Can Unlock Y…


theRAMowns says:

Yeah. Everything sounded good. And then you swung the golf club….. and
lost all credibility.

rando991 says:

TERRIBLE VIDEO. What IS THAT loud buzzing noise everytime you show the
video? A Kawisaki motorbike on the golf course???? So distracting, I
couldn’t get a thing out of it.

jhaley12 says:

what the hell is this?

iTubeUtubeWeAllTube4 says:

is that a ….vuvuzela !? lol

petesharp11 says:

Great video! Helped me to really hit down on the ball.

indianafox11 says:

LMFAO!!!…..don’t quit your day job!!

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