How To Hit a Straight Golf Shot AskGolfGuru

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Ron Burgundy says:

the straight shot usually isn’ the shot you want.

tommyangles says:

i never knew that, thought it was all about path to face, wherever it come off the bat (within reason).
great vids, keep them coming.

p.s. can you do a video on how to make a great lemon sponge.

wiiiiiiiiweeeeeeee says:

@mardybum. How good is your PUTTING? From my experience this is where Iit cost me the most….I.e. par 4 holes, I can get to the green in 2 (3 if I’m having a bad day) but then I make 2s and 3 putts ( some times even 4 putts 🙁

Christian V Petersen says:

try to do stats on you rounds to see what part of your game needs improvement. Also ALWAYS keep a positive attitude to your game, a negative mindset will ruin the rest of your round whereas a positve one can save the round!

beenmb says:

LOL Thanks Mark. A super, super helpful video lesson as always.

jkellyx1yahoo says:

Brilliant video Mark !! Just got back into playing Golf after a 10 year hiatus and your videos are a massive help. Keep up the good work !!

9tube1 says:

Excellent video Mark. I learn so much from you with every video you make. My response to your question would have been “path” as that is how I intentionally bend balls right or left. Now you have me rethinking a few things.

on2a says:

Thanks for the video.

This is going to sound somewhat controversial but isn’t strike bent the most important quite obvious? That’s like saying if you can’t hit the ball with great contact it isn’t going to go where you want it … Doh!

For me the subtlety in what you’ve said is that strike is number 1, but this is closely followed by path. My point is that without a consistent strike its going to be impossible to measure anything else. Cheers

on2a says:

Oops I meant *bent -> *being

4golfonline says:

haha lemon sponge cake have to learn that one.

4golfonline says:

thats great and thanks for watching.

4golfonline says:

thanks and I hope the videos help.

David Schultz says:

You have just reinforced what I have always known. Solid, centered contact is the key.

David Schultz says:

If you hit it out of the heel, it will induce less draw spin/more cut spin.  Toe induces more draw spin/less cut spin. It all depends on the type of shot you are actually trying to pull off. Ex. if you’re trying to draw the ball and you hit it out the heel, there’s a good chance of a double cross push fade.

4golfonline says:

I think this is one of a few videos I have done on hitting better shots and understanding data. The idea is to get golfers to understand strike and not take it for granted or even not be aware of their strike. If you want to to think about hitting in to out or out to in then you need the strike in place first. Or maybe you could go and just by a new driver haha which is the other point of this video. Thanks for the comments and thanks for watching.

Dan Cooke says:

Soo…I’ll be going to the range tonight. Thank you, Mark, for (again) showing how insane this game we love is.

failandprevail says:

Mark, what are your thoughts on 4 woods? Do you think they’re easier to hit than a 3 wood?

SgtFrutcake says:

Mark, Id love to see a comparison video between hybrids and driving irons and what you’re thoughts are about these driving irons since they are getting more and more popular with the release of the Cally Proto x utility and the tour only 712u.
Great vid as always
Best regards

helitroutguy says:

Mark, To improve strike would you recommend using bladed irons as they provide immediate feedback? By the same token would practicing with a 200cc driver be more beneficial than a 460cc driver, in that you have to make good contact to get the most benefit.


fisher71088 says:

Mark, Thanks for the video. I dont know about everybody else, but I know that I would like to see more of your tutorial videos such as this one where you are telling us what to/not do. You have already helped my swing out by giving me a basic understanding of the positioning, but I feel that we could use another one to just refresh and remember to stick with the basics. Thanks for all your help!

jimminz10 says:

nice video mark, always a great help…… now, how about a vid on getting a better strike:).

Ryan Bennett says:

Awesome video mark, could u please tell me any tips to stop hitting the ball with the driver on the top of the face, making the ball fly into the air with little distance and denting the top of the driver.

Super1Matt1 says:

I have a real hard time hitting in the middle of the club face. So what should I do for drills or practice?

djp3525 says:

The part I’m confused about is that if you are not hitting a good strike in the middle of the club face, wouldn’t the cause be a poor swing path or misaligned face?

markp1 says:

I’m on the range Saturday with masking tape on my drivers head, good video Mark

robiscool09 says:

hit it in the ‘sweet spot’?

ZeroNadaZilch says:

Mark I would like to see a iron review of the low priced Macgregor irons like the ones Golfsmith sells vs top of the line Titleists or Mizunos etc.

ZeroNadaZilch says:

I’ve heard those Macgregor irons that run $200 a set can hang with any iron.

HalfDeluxeHD says:

Could you do a review of the KZG XCB irons?

blakerh says:

I have noticed that it is rarely sunny in England. Sorry Mark!

Paul Scorer says:

I understand your point but I have to say that a mishit can stay straighter than a good ball strike. Tiger woods use to have a shot with his driver where he would hit a deliberate slight heel to keep it straighter. I have found a similar thing in that my mishits especially with a driver or 3 wood go straighter.

Rene Pietschmann says:

Hi Marc, thank you for your good videos.
But I need your help. I’m struggeling that my head always turns back during backswing following the club. Do you have a drill for keeping the head down ?

Mububban23 says:

Not a drill as such but I also tend to take my eyes off the ball and looking ahead of myself when I’m not concentrating, so I’ve taken to repeating in my head “Stare at the ball, stare at the ball” until after contact and my follow through has begun. Repeating that one thing also eliminates other swing thoughts that tend to crowd my brain too!

s34nsm4111 says:

What about with irons? Isnt there a lot less of a gear effect with irons than woods?

gbvoul says:

lol Listen…only ever hear people hitting drivers at the range there….

gbvoul says:

It’s mostly its because american pros are stuck up snobs that tie their sweaters over their shoulders rather than wearing it…and I’m an american.

David Schultz says:

No. I can attest to that. It’s all the same.

Michael Garris says:

The data doesn’t lie…

MrJhill76 says:

I have ths of catchong the heel a lot. need to fix it now.

Funtane429 says:

Golf Guru,

I want to truly thank you for this video!! I have been playing golf for exactly one year. I score around 94 on average. Recently, I started miss hitting the ball really bad. I tried everything to correct it (stance, swing, hands, head down). However, nothing worked. So, I searched “how to hit the golf ball straight” I found this video about 2 weeks ago. I went to the range and started focusing on my strike. Since then, I have been hitting the ball very well. Thanks so much!!!

Gavin McGlumphy says:

i’m only 13 but i think this can improve my swing tremendously. thank you for the video mark. keep up the helpful tips. 🙂

GPogz3 says:

Hey Mark I have trouble with hitting the middle of the club and I was wondering if you had any tips on how I could improve on that

Lee Holden says:

Great video – in conjunction with another I just watched, it appears to be the strike that could well and truly be the problem for my inconsistent directions!

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