How to FIX your Sway AND Your Impact. Be Better Golf w/ Bill Knodle PGA

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JOIN Tony Luczak, PGA, Bill Knodle PGA and I on May 18-19 for the Be Better Golf School at the amazing WinStar Golf Academy. Not only do you get the two days of instruction at the school but you get a back and forth online lessons leading up to the school. All in in effort to do everything possible to make your game BETTER than ever as this golf season starts

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steven erickson says:

The camera tilt is making him look set up way more on his right side than he really is. draw a line at a right angle from the mat on the ground and you can see his setup is pretty standard. He does sway though

Jay Fritz says:

I been following Bill on YouTube since he was teaching in Fla. very personable young coach….I'm a rightside player myself very accurate and easy on my old body

David LoVullo says:

Pamplona uses Gary Edwin right sided swing!

Thom Bendtsen says:

Yeah, but why?

Ronald Morris says:

Seeing the swing as a weight shift is one reason for the sway. Thinking of the swing as exerting pressure downwards has helped me eliminate the sway.

duke cienda says:

With all due respect, it is mind boggling that someone is doing a swing analysis on set up/tilts on a video that might as well be filmed upside down. The camera is angled 45 degrees to the horizon and someone is then drawing a vertical line?!?

ranmangolf says:

It's probably just the camera angle, but the guy on the left almost looks like he's doing "stack and tilt" or a "Sean Foley" swing.

Les Simmo says:

Thank you Brendon, because of you Bill Knodle videos have become a staple diet. That guy knows his stuff!

Robbie White says:

I can remember when you actually played golf.

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