How To Drop 5 Shots off your Golf Game | The Best Tips for Lower Scores | Mr. Short Game

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How do you drop five strokes off your golf game? In this video I show you my top ways to lower your scores and play some of your best golf. Simply by playing the game differently you can improve faster and with a lot less effort. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and check the links below for special deals and discounts.

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Bill Wallenstein says:

Last week I played 9 using nothing but my 7 iron. Just felt like breaking it up, I definitely forced myself to learn some new shots. Great video

JDowns says:

This is all common sense..
Come on man, seriously?

Jeff Ellermeyer says:

I love your vids and love paying $5/mo to be enrolled in your school. Using different clubs got to be good. But you got to play ALOT. I’m 73 yrs young and want to buy some new clubs. Mizuno Hot Metal with flex shaft and Lamkin grips. Or Callaway Rogue? What does the mr short game crowd think please?

Boosted Brothers Customs says:

Great video!
I have found my best rounds are playing more sensible and knowing when to go for it and when to play smart! Risk v reward type shots

1themex says:

Ok im on the heavy side. So if you can put on a pregnant body suit and give me some tips how to swing a golf club please.

Josh Gaston says:

Loving this. What a great way to get creative on the course and give yourself more options.

Florida Man says:

From the fairway i would choose a distance, so i should choose another distance to lay up to?

Skip Pruitt says:

Mr Shortgame, I have a report. I used to be a 11.6 handicapper. Since I don't play/practice as much as then, I've struggled to break 100 this season. Since applying the techniques from this video and some of your others, I had 6 pairs 1 birdie and shot an 89 this past weekend. THANK YOU !!!

Little gems says:

Mellow out man.

Nick Pumper says:

What is everyone talking about I’m a solid golfer a 3 handicap and this is not good advice the only thing you should take away from this video is hit the safer shot off the tee. If your gonna teach you should explain some of the thought process not just tell people to hit the wrong clubs and shots

KA Golf says:

New Volvik ball?

Enzo De Sario says:

please go more in depth with the easy smooth swing for distance. I try it but can never get through 18. just wanna smack that ball!!! It's just sitting there!!

Joshua Phillips says:

I had this mentality a few months back about every shot I want to be closest to the green farthest drives over my friends ect. But I come to realize that I play the shots I'm the best at esp on long par 5 or 4's. Played yesterday and tried this. Instead of trying to bomb my 3W and it not come close on a Par 5 I shot a 5 iron and ended up hitting a nice PW into the green and putting for a birdie. 3 Wood 5 Iron PW and put. Id much rather have that than a 20 yard chip shot that I am not the greatest at.

Pan HY says:

I am a 8 year old kid with a 18.8 handicap so I really need to play 80’s

Eric Myers says:

This dude is the best.

PHS says:

hi liam can you do a test on best 2nd hand drivers .please . I bought a COBRA F MAX RED OFFSET SUPERLIGHT FLEX . Only had it 2 months CUSTOM FIT to stop my fade. IT DID NOT NOW I DO NOT KNOW IF TEE SHOT WILL FLY LEFT RIGHT DOWN MIDDLE. So its at home. I bought a £60 Cobra f6 lovley club and now for a treat a £20 PING ANSER driver tried it on course 10 holes one sight poor shot great £ 20 worth £100 to me. WHAT DO YOU THINK.

PHS says:

HI GOLFERS , MY CHIPPING IS PLAYED LIKE A BATSMAN IN CRICKET , my practice swing is like that and the result for me is great . what do you do.????? Paul

PHS says:

Paul here again, a very good putter. I am an epileptic person or was from 9 yrs, so when putting I found for me was best to ,1 set putter level with front foot heel , 2 stand with front foot drawn back a little , 3 aim to right edge of the hole . 4 what I'm best at judging the pace.

Joseph Rye says:

I skip the first par 3, boom 5 shots.

Wm S says:

I really can't agree with ALL this. Yes, good idea to be safer in some instances, but, to loeer your score…gotta do 1 tthing, make better ball contact!!!

SK 214 says:

Matt – spot on as usual – today I put 5 wood, and a 5 iron into play, used two different wedges that I normally wouldn’t have used and and putted twice from deeper on the lip of the green – dropped 5 strokes just like that – you are the man – something about your genuineness and love of the game and helping others that comes through in your videos.

HKS says:

I don't understand why you would use a 60 lob to attack the pin when the statistically more probable play is a bump & run with a pitching wedge. I thought the whole point of this video was to shave strokes, not add them?

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