How To Create More Golf Lag

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golfninja says:

Assuming you’ve made the correct backswing to create the correct angles in
that your left wrist ‘cocks’,(left thumb points skywards as left arm is
parallel to the ground) right wrist ‘hinges’, the only way not to caste or
throwaway these angles is to start the downswing with the lower body first
via pressure in your left (lead) foot. If you start the downswing with the
upper body and the shoulders and arms fire first it’s impossible to keep,
hold onto the ‘lag’ (wrist arm angles you made during the backswing) 

golfninja says:

Early extension, which is in effect standing up coming into impact which
causes the hips to move forward often happens because the golfer started
the downswing with the shoulders & so throwing the arms out. So the arms &
club are virtually in a straight line, at, or just below shoulder height.
They then realise that if they carry on with this arc they’ll simply dump
the club into the ground a couple of feet behind the ball so they have to
stand up and flip their hands early to get the club-head anywhere near the
ball, can’t get solid contact, can’t pressure the back of the ball and take
divot after, can’t get proper club-head speed and usually ends up with the
much dreaded chicken wing. If you want to hit a proper golf shot you have
to start the transition with pressure into the ground with the ball of the
foot nearest the target.

patskii9 says:

Thanks Rick. Another good video
Only problem is that with this ‘natural swing technique’, wouldn’t some of
your shots generate ‘slice shots’ or shots that would move to the right?
I’m thinking maybe I should close the club-face a bit more and move my hips
to my target area of my shot.

I somehow want to practice by using this video simulatenously with the
‘golf shanks demos’ that you have on your channel?

I consistently hit fade/cut shots starting from straight to right from tees
and fairways

sasquatchtour says:

The poorest golfers actually rotate to start the downswing and do not have
enough lateral hip slide before rotation. The early hip rotation engages
the shoulders to rotate and pulls the club out towards the ball steepening
the angle of descent. Almost all golfers over time will find a way to
shallow the club with this move and it usually comes from an early release.
The first sign of a cast or someone that will start to lose lag has nothing
to do with hips or shoulders but rather the elbows pulling apart near the
top of swing or at the start of the downswing. 

Xeroes N says:

The root cause of early release or casting is due to early extension (hip
thrust) on transition which is what 99% of weekend golfers do. As soon as
you hip thrust there is no way to contact the ball holding lag. Before
anyone practices holding lag, work on proper hip transition to allow
yourself to hold the angles Rick has mentioned above

Jung Hwan Jin says:

Thank you for your help but I still watch my club and arms casted before
the impact position.

jonathan phoenix says:

Thanks for the help your turning me from a terrible golfer to a bad one lol

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