How to control your speed on the putting green – Putting Tip

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Matthew Reagan says:

Try this out and let me know if it helps your touch on the green!

Jimmy Broadway says:

Great instruction. I have been doing exactly what you instructed and my putting has improved 1000 percent. I played in the Veterans Tourney at Myrtle Beach last week and my partner who lives in Little River now used to play with me at Wake Forest Golf Club and always thought of me as a terrible putter. With this new setup and keeping my tempo in sync, I have become a pretty good putter. I made about 95% of my putts from about four to five feet and my partner was impressed. Great Tip!

Matthew Reagan says:

I am really glad to hear that it helped! The longer you use it and build it into your routine it will allow you to focus more time on your read and starting the ball on your target line because you will subconsciously be able to control your distance. Is there anything else that is troubling you that a video tip or article may help? Let me know and I will be sure to help.

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