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HOW TO CONNECT THE ARMS BETTER IN THE GOLF SWING Meandmygolf give a swing analysis with a simple drill to help gain a neutral grip and a drill to help the ar…


Meandmygolf says:
Ryan Brady says:

I started watching your videos trying to correct some serious fundamental
flaws, and you guys have changed my game completely. Keep up the great
videos, I love watching them. Maybe I’ll visit the Asprey one day and buy
you guys a beer, I owe you for sure. 

Richard Gaule says:

Love his intro!

Eric Dyer says:

Is that a Boise State hat I’m seeing on Will? 

강윤모 says:

amazing i looking for…

Aaron Booth says:

As someone who has always pushed the ball on most shots and occasionally
sliced the ball, I have found this drill has greatly helped make my shots
go alot straighter. I actually now use the feet together method as part of
my on course pre shot routine to get the feel of balance and natural swing
speed. Love the video guys.

elvin babalato says:

Keep it up guys. I Love your Videos . I’m enjoying playing Golf again.

Derek McFarlane says:

I had a lot of the faults mentioned in your videos including, distance from
ball using arms instead of shoulders to turn and coming over the swing
plane. However most of my shots were pull hook or smothered shots. Is there
a routine to get better ball strike – would this be the exercise you talk
about for swing plane pushing out to the right to make the plane more in to
out? Still feel even on the shots I hit straight that the hands and arms
are not able to lag and loosing distance although it is way better than it
was when I get it right. I will be using the me and my golf site to work on
swing path.

Richard Gaule says:

I do the 2 foot together drill to warm up and if I hit a few bad shots
together . Really good for making you strike it well while trying to keep a
good balance. Much easier to fall over from this narrow base and helps for
better striking .

PS I won the u19 all Ireland schools championship with my school over the
Easter holidays

Daniel NotImportant says:

L to L drill would be good for this. Just practice releasing the club head
in a short 3/4 swing. See the ball draw.

Another thing I like to do when struggling with a hook or a slice is to
just try to do the opposite a few times. If I have the hooks (my normal
miss) I will go to the range and try to hit 3 or 4 ridiculous banana
slices. I just want to feel the slice in my hands. And then I tone it
back towards what feels normal and find a happy median.

steelpanther88 says:

Here’s a pro-tip for neutral grip…

-Get your clubs re-gripped with golf pride grips.

-Have the golf pride logo, adjusted in the correct position in relation to
the club face

-simply adjust your grip, by aligning your thumb, in relation to the logo
on the grip.


David Williams says:

funeral procession at 7:11? oh…good video too haha

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