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How to build a consistent golf swing. In this weeks Impact Show PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman show you the key things to work on when building a consistent golf swing.

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Cause Willy Says To says: get that consistent golf swing like a PGA pro

Tanner Gray says:

I’m competing in Q School at the start of next year. These next 12 months my goal is to build my swing. The changes im making is the load into the right hip, wide takeaway, finding the flat spot at impact, and silencing my hands through impact. I want to fix one thing at a time. What order should I make these adjustments in? I’ve watched meandmygolf for years and I really appreciate your channel. Thanks again

Robert MacCready says:

Videos are really great. I am fighting a lousy swing plane and I think that your demo should help me out..

Jerez911 says:

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Pedro Alb says:

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Boris Markov says:

Guys, just caught the bug about 3 months ago, and thanks to your videos I picked up some great tips.
Thank you and keep up the good work.

TheVixson says:

If you REALLY want to improve your golf swing I highly recommend this programme, it took 7 strokes off my game and I guarantee it will improve yours too!

Johnisda Best says:

When i started golfing i could hardly even hit the ball. Now I am playing 18 hole games with ease. this program completely changed my game

john none says:

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