How to break 80 In Golf

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As a PGA professional, I would like to show you how to break 80 using golf course management 80, in a playing lesson. Along with becoming a better ball strik…


MichaelBrisbaneGolf says:

Thanks for the question Alfred. Yes I can. I play 10-15 rounds of golf a
year on average, due to the fact I teach so much. I maintain a USGA
handicap index of 2.7. Every now and again, I can still break 70. Thank
again for asking.

nick estopare says:

2 stroke penalty for putting with the flag in

MichaelBrisbaneGolf says:

Keep working and play smart and you will be in the 80s in no time.

iiShAn3ii says:

love actually seeing someone record when they mess up and not cut it out.
Chunk shots, thin shots, and etc happen to everyone.

jurr80 says:

Great commentary. Thinking is so important in this game, and all of the
teaching involves mechanics.

MichaelBrisbaneGolf says:

Antony, Thanks for the nice remarks. Smart Play=Lower Scores!!

MichaelBrisbaneGolf says:

You are welcome, thanks for watching.

Frizziology says:

I really appreciate these videos, I’ve watched your break 100, 90, 80
videos. I’m currently trying to break 90, thanks again.

MichaelBrisbaneGolf says:

Thanks for the nice comments. I hope this video helps. Check out my other
videos or subscribe to my channel.

Alfred Whitney says:

Can you break 80?

deckertone says:

Excellent stuff!! Thanks for sharing!!

Vaper ino says:

Hey Michael, thanks for the videos, ive been following your advice and have
taken my handicap from 15 down to 9, im now scoring consistently even on my
bad days.
Thanks alot!

PS I love the advice on course repair, cant stand pitch marks in the green

Alan Bonner says:

Turned it off when you chunked your chip shot.

Michael Hargis says:

Solid videos – Getting closer each time I play. Thank you for sharing.
Mike, Scottsdale, AZ

kevin koehler says:

I agree with Mike. Lots of rambling. Bored me so I left.

Mike Stephens says:

Too much small talk and not enough meat. A little more technical
instructions next video please.

Walter Dean says:

good advise

Alps P says:

Hi Michael this was an excellent video….Made me totally rethink again the
times I broke 80 I played very conservative and now just tend to whack the
driver around resulting in high 85s-90. I would really like to see you do a
say 9 hole video that would be so awesome. Thanks, alps

Dreama40 says:

If u wanna break 80, practice your short game ALOT, there is no other way
folks, simple as that. Why are u still sitting there, go practice!

Ryan Tsang says:

“How to break 70 in golf” video?

SOS89140 says:

Average ball striking with a good short game will break 80 nearly every

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