Hit Through The Golf Ball For Better Tee Shots

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James Brooks says:

great vid mark. keep them coming!!

Andy M says:

You just need to move your hips earlier. Watch snead, jones, nicklaus etc
how lower body moves at end of backswing not at start of downswing. See
bobby jones video clearing your left side.

Mike Powley says:

those clubs dont look like the mizuno jpx-ez irons at first glance …..
mark all of a sudden switching to new irons??

Kevin Venus says:

Game Golf buttons on the old clubs there Mark?!?

TheRedCrayon says:

Hey +Mark Crossfield , thanks for the tips! This was very helpful! I’ve
always had trouble with coming across the ball, but I have never even
thought of that knee positioning and it’s now very clear that it is the
culprit. Since the submission, I have been trying to hit though the ball,
which has been working for me as well. I also tend to kink my left arm on
contact with the ball, could this also be an issue derived from the knee
bend? Any more feedback (from anyone) would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks! :D

John Magnusson says:

New irons?

pendo dave says:

the pro at our range gets the basket out when someone is struggling with
certain aspects of their swing.

We call it “the basket of shame” as it normally means everything else he’s
tried has failed to get through…

Mark Crossfield says:
John Blount says:

I have heard the bucket analogy in an audio book called “Harvey Penick’s
Little Red Book”. I could never visualize it though. Thanks Mark for making
it so simple for us common folks.

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