Hit Longer Drives and Increase Power – Play Better Golf

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http://GreatGolfSecrets.com HOW TO PLAY BETTER GOLF CLICK HERE! How to Play Better Golf Hit Longer Drives and Increase Power If you’d like to hit longer driv…


Kristie Matthew says:

lol mathematics in golf!! It´╗┐ just does not leave me ­čśÇ

Jungli Potta says:

Thanks for the´╗┐ golfing tips ­čÖé

alicematthew123 says:

I really need to level up in golf and´╗┐ your video has helped me take the first step.

Aamna Fatima says:

Are longer drivers easier to´╗┐ use?

Kritika Sharma says:

Nice tips, right on point.´╗┐

Akira Jyoti says:

Hitting using the centre is something i almost never manage to´╗┐ achieve..! Dumb me

Annie Walls says:

Great video series… has been helpful´╗┐ to me ­čÖé

Barbara Mate says:

lol I´╗┐ was surprised to see the formulae there! ­čśÇ

mahawkxz says:

Thanks a lot for this video.. I’m gonna try your advice and go to a store with some white powder´╗┐ =)

Bertha Smith says:

now onto increasing power..!´╗┐

Chris Maggeth says:

Wish playing golf was as easy as a video game of golf! I’m a pro there but real dumb on the´╗┐ field.

Warden Smith says:

these videos´╗┐ have been incredibly helpful! Thanks a lot for these =D

juliansmith361 says:

You are the´╗┐ real swing man! Great tips there!

Ayyash Potta says:

seriously, is maths involved in´╗┐ golf? I mean do the top players do these calculations or they just have the ‘instinct’.

Emma Mahawk says:

Lol´╗┐ I need a personal trainer

Jinjee Talifero says:

Thanks, I was really´╗┐ confused on longer/shorter drivers. ­čÖé

calzonemarketing says:

No Worries, thanks´╗┐ for checking in

calzonemarketing says:

we could probably all use´╗┐ one…

calzonemarketing says:

practice, practice, practice and a little gut feeling too´╗┐

calzonemarketing says:

Thanks, be sure to check out our other vids´╗┐

calzonemarketing says:

appreciate´╗┐ the feedback

calzonemarketing says:

me too!´╗┐

calzonemarketing says:

Thanks for the´╗┐ comment

Efendi Gazali says:

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Vania Rahmawati says:

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