Hit LESS Practice Balls and Play Better Golf

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Practice Less and Play Better Golf
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Rick delivers straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of his viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.


Michael Haas says:

.Rick, you should work with Tiger Woods. You have the disposition to dumb it down and I think that's what Tiger needs right now. Tiger seems to be over thinking the whole game and I TRULY think Rick could change his mindset. What do you think Rick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hack to Scratch golf says:

The only time tour pros are doing more than 1 shot in a row is they are doing a drill

Diarmaid O Leary says:

This is an old video but really so useful for me! Hit 50 shots in 40 mins tonight and that was slow to me…this makes so much sense!

stonewallre7 says:

Rick I wish I only hit 44 shots. I hit a whopping 122 to 126.

Glenn Watson says:

I like to keep my range balls in the basket. I keep the basket several feet behind me. This forces me to hit a ball then stop, walk back to the basket, get one ball and then set up like I would on the course.

Ryl Win says:

Just wonderful, I've been looking for "putting tutorial" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Graysonyon Putter Prolific – (search on google ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my mate got cool results with it.

Jason Smith says:

Great message. I’ve tried to tell my higher handicap Golf buddy’s the same thing. #practicewithpurpose

Charles L says:

at 6:41 I’d have lost all control and started hitting stingers at the cyclic rate

Dean White says:

Sound advice. Fewer though 🙂

Byron Hatcher says:

Who would thumbs DOWN this vid? sheesh

Jim Maron says:

that was really cool watching your progress and seeing your swing getting so much better. Very impressive

Kevin Queen says:

U think sometimes there is a wanting to get the bad shot out of the way

Kevin Queen says:

I also find that discipline is easier with the wedge and chipping shots. It is easier to hold the finish and aim a great variance and do different drills.

Sarah Charlton says:

As a mid handicapper who has come down a few shots recently. I think the best thing to do is home the short game. I would say that’s the best way to go. I’m never gonna have a perfect swing. I don’t play enough ? What do you reckon ?

Leemz100 says:

I like to play a "simulated round" on the driving range. I choose a course I play often, pick whatever club I'd hit on the first tee and then hit tee shots, approach shots, recovery shots, pitch shots, etc. and work my way around the course in my head. Lots of fun and it really breaks the monotony of just pounding balls. It adds purpose and specific targets to your practice. Also, you don't need a large bucket to do it. A smaller bucket of 50 balls or so is plenty. And you'll save money also.

Mathias Kraglund says:

Really helpful video

Adam B says:

What about if your looking to exercise a little bit, you know train those muscle memories!

Ronald Irwin says:

Love it. Absolutely love it! Small buckets from now on haha

Mike Smith says:

mikesmith I usually give half the bucket
of balls to a friend or a younger golfer on the range. they hit forever>

chris g says:

Just starting to play golf after some time out of the game and that is great advice. I have always been the one who will just hit them and see how far it goes. But from now on I will be thinking of it as I am on the course.

Grant Reynolds says:


Thanks so much for this. I’ve recently dropped to a 4, and my progress had stalled significantly. Not getting worse, but not getting better. After watching this, I started taking this mentality to the range in every session. No more than 50 balls, and absolute routine and purpose between every shot.

After a month, I dropped to a 2. FIR and GIR increased dramatically. Thank you so much for stating what others have said in a much more easily digestible way. Cheers!

Nathan Pike says:

Great video mate, very important

rww910 says:

Great video, nice concept. On the course you very seldom hit the same club two times in a row. Why do it at the range.

Corek BleedingHollow says:

I just don't get it. I hit lots of decent shots at the range but when I get to the course, I'm hitting like I ain't never played golf, especially off the tee. It pisses me off. I'm hitting lots of decent straight tee shots on the range… but on the golf course I hit these terrible slices and draws into the woods. WHY?

Joe Dubiel says:

Thank you. Great advice. Love these videos on how to play and practice. Spider Dubiel

Chris J says:

I am that machine gunner!

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