Hit a golf ball really straight

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PGA Golf Professional Piers Ward Demonstrates how to hit a golf ball really straight by understanding what the swing plane is in the golf swing, and a drill …


wryan168 says:

We livein a parael word


Hi, I have ben working on my swing plane for the last 3 weeks, and i have seen massive improvements, previous my drives were going from left to rigt and averaged 240yrds, now with me practising the correct swing plane i am straight 85% of the time and average drives are now 300yrds. Amazing, i wuld recommend anyone to watch this, it really works


MaxedOutFILMS says:

holy crap, ive been practicing this all day and when i went to the driving range it worked! i used to have the worst hook now it goes straight with a slight fade. HUGE improvement, easiest fix in the world!

MrPaulcr83 says:

Err good advice if you have the correct stance and grip to go with it!! A parallel White pipe does not really indicate correct alignment. Other than that good stuff!

Howard Lee says:

AWESOME! it is working really good.excellent. i was struggling my driver,this swing plane helped me a lot.thanks!

jaybasketball5 says:

I thought pros always said, “You can’t rely on straight shots.

the24thman says:

Why this obsession with plane? The best ballstrikers of all time were almost exclusively under plane…

Cleveland Knowles says:

oh hell ! so thats all i need, imagine that, hit the ball straight, hehe, simple as that, lol

jeret001 says:

shit…i was hitting it all perpendicular before

iamthefone says:

Fucked my game up, but my parking is out of sight now.


Neil Carruthers says:

great simple instruction

Lee Collinson says:

I used to hit it 210yards with a 30yard slice…after watching this video I now hit it 375yards caryy dead straight! I am now making more money too…

SoYeahImConnor says:

I typed it how to perfectly hit a golf ball

CaptainAndrewWiggins says:

this is really great. thank you. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut how do i do that with my golf club every single time? please tell us how. that’s what we need.

any advice?

CaptainAndrewWiggins says:

cf what moe norman said. then again, he didn’t win any majors, but on the other hand EVERY SINGLE BALL went dead straight with not even 1ft deviation. he’s famous for it. google him!

samero86 says:

wow, gained 160+ yards, truly remarkable……….

Tomas Yanez says:

I thought there was no way I would learn anything useful in 2 minutes. I was dead wrong. Thanks for the advice !

0verswing says:

as jack nicklaus likes to say, never try and hit a straight golf shot

cfiorenzoFTW says:

My golf and I

Bryan Smith says:

Good concept. thanks.

mike smith says:

I’ve taken many lessons and everything is always a temporary fix. The only thing that has ever actually worked for me, and improved my striking is the Moe Norman swing plane….straight line from shoulder, down arm, through shaft to ball, 3/4 swing. You can’t get off plane, you hit the ball a mile. When you look at the angled set up it’s just a nightmare. No wonder there are so many golf instructors. Forget the sissy looking pretty golf swing.

Barry Forster says:

What happens if you hit down on the ball or up on the ball at impact??

meandmygolf says:

Hi Barry, good question! The more downward you are striking the ball, the more your path will aim right and the more upward you are the more it will aim left.

Charlton Williams says:


joshtass123 says:

This helps a lot thanks

David Meyer says:

It depends on if it is in the subject or predicate of the sentence… for instance…
“my golf and I” are improving, would be correct, AND these videos are helping my golf and me. To know when you are using the correct form of the first person pronoun remove the combination and you will have the answer. for instance you would not say these videos are helping I.

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