Hank Haney Golf Tip – Putting Yips

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Hank Haney demonstrates some helpful tips for the putting yips. Visit http://www.hankhaney.com for all the latest. Subscribe now!!!


thementalcoach says:

Good troubleshooting tips for solving a problem with the physical stroke. I believe if the stroke is OK in practice but the yips only come out under pressure, then it’s likely a mental game problem and a different mental game oriented solution might be more effective.

David Kenward – The Mental Coach

jaxfl2 says:

Hank. I had the yips really bad. Tried everything. Was considered the worst putter in my league. I discovered my problem was not knowing where the hole was when I was looking at the ball during the stroke. So, I changed and now face the hole and putt with just one hand. It’s a lot less stressful – like tossing coins. I’m now the #2 putter in Florida – at 65! See my video. Click my name below or search ONE HANDED PUTTING.

GreenBlazerGolf says:

For most people, there’s no test for the yips … At least on the practice green there isn’t.

Few people have the yips on putts that mean nothing. The yips are caused by fear of missing the putt. Fear leads to tension that activates a fast twitch muscle response jarring the face one way or the other.

The only way to overcome it is to take your mind off making the putt. Switching your grip will help for a while, but your best to follow Bernhard’s lead and just go straight for the long putter.

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